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Intelligent Bidet


The Aquarius Hygiene Intelligent Bidet is an efficient and cost effective alternative to your typical show toilet. It can easily be installed onto almost any standard toilet in place of the existing seat.

Providing the user with a temperature and pressure controlled warm water wash, with Bidet, Spray and Turbo wash settings. The conventional flush operation of the toilet to which the seat is attached remains unchanged and operates in conjunction with the bidet.

The bidet has two nozzles within a retractable want, the wand stays within the unit until required, and the bidet also has a built in nozzle cleaning function which is pre-programmed to clean at the start and end of every wash cycle.

The Intelligent Bidet also features a heated seat and air drying function, the temperate of which can both be personalised to the preference of the user.

The Intelligent Bidet is packed full of features; this highly innovative product allows you the luxury of a shower toilet at a fraction of the price.

Visit for more information or call 01422 328 950. Aquarius Hygiene are designers and retailers of a range of personal hygiene related products that can help assist in your everyday life.


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