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Ask any OT or physio and they’ll confirm that being able to cope at home is the ideal situation for anyone affected by a health issue.  Safe, independence pic 2independent bathing is a vitally important aspect of being able to live a fulfilling life. Artweger’s clever Twinline range means that any bathroom can be adapted to suit the whole family – and transformation is possible in as little as a day.

We are an ageing population – but we’re a different ageing population than that of 30 years ago. The baby boomer generation is more outward looking and active – and as disgruntled younger people frequently point out has spending power thanks to years of easier mortgages, full employment and grant aided University education. Having seen many of their own parents go into care homes it’s the last thing the generation that steadfastly refuses to grow old wants to do. Figures  from the Department of Work and Pensions have suggested a rapid increase in the number of over 50’s, stating that nearly half the adult population within the UK will fall into this category by 2020. People disabled because of strokes, accidents or debilitating illness want, if possible to live independently – and Artweger’s innovative Twinline independencepic3bath range will help them to do it.
Accessibility and the decision between opting for a bath or a separate shower is a dilemma faced by many families. Some members like the idea of a soak in the bath while others want a fast, refreshing shower. Less able or older people want accessibility – but they don’t want a medical looking bathroom. Small bathrooms where there is not enough space for a bath and a shower enclosure are a fact of life in the UK. Austrian company Artweger offers the perfect solution for home owners with the innovative Twinline range – more than just a shower bath as it features a totally watertight full size door. Access is easy with a step with a minimum height of just 55mm.
The Twinline is available in 1600 by 750mm and 1700 and 1800 mm by 750/800mm wide sizes, offering the opportunity to fit a bath and a full walk in shower into a space as small as 1.6 sq. m. All sizes are available in right and left hand options. The shower door has a failsafe locking mechanism to ensure it cannot be opened when bathing and to make sure it is unlocked and the waste is open when showering.  It can be teamed with Artweger’s totally waterproof Artwall system which independencepic4comes in a choice of colours and is very easy to fit. The colours can be used alone or can be  mixed in strips or blocks if wished.  There’s a comfortable headrest and a handy clip on metal basket for shampoo etc. The latest addition to the range is the Artlift rise and fall seat. With the development of ARTLIFT, Artweger has created a unique and unrivalled product combination consisting of a fully fledged shower and bathtub which is accessible for young, old, fit and those less able people who are mobile but cannot manage a standard bath.
Thanks to its multi functionality ARTLIFT is the perfect solution for  people who need assistance in their everyday personal hygiene, but want to stay in their own four walls as long as possible. The seat rises to an easy height for sitting then gently lowers the user into the bath while it fills up. A  independencepic6thermostatic bath filler and a thermostatic shower that meet the TMV2 scheme regulations are sensible precautions to ensure that the user can never select water that might be dangerously hot. For thosel who do not need the lifting seat right now but are looking to the future, ARTLIFT also exists without the lifting seat as a pre-installation kit. The lifting seat may be installed later on, The seat is totally waterproof, comfortable and easy to clean. ARTLIFT is a valuable aid for people such as those who have suffered from a stroke and have balance or vision problems and anyone with arthritis as well as for the elderly who cannot climb in and out of a bath safely.
Artwall panels, which come in a choice of colours, add the finishing touch, providin      g an easy to clean waterproof wallcovering. They can be fitted over existing smooth tiling. A standard bath with a shower over it can be replaced by a Twinline in less than a day by any competent plumber.

Artweger are the inventors of this system and are the patent holders. Twinline products are manufactured to very high standards to meet this leading producer’s reputation for quality engineering.  Price from £4999 for the bath and shower combi. The seat and Artwall panels are extra. Artweger Twinline products are available from good bathroom retailers across the UK> For more information call 0033 666 1260,



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