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Improving quality with technology


Minster Care Group have used technology to streamline their quality and compliance process and they are not alone.

Minster Care Group is a leading national provider of residential and nursing care in the UK. The group is always looking for innovative ways to offer the very best care and further increase customer satisfaction.

As with all care providers, Minster Care Group’s care home managers were constantly torn between providing care and managing paperwork. With this in mind, the management team at Minster Care Group introduced c360 to reduce duplication of work and continually improve their processes in line with CQC regulations.

Minster (M): “At Minster Care Group we have managed over 164 residential and nursing homes over the last 20 years caring for people with a variety of needs.  Like many others in this industry we needed a way to reduce the amount of paperwork without losing our grip on internal quality management processes. 

We were managing a raft of spreadsheets and paper audits in each home.  Our managers are not experts in the use of Microsoft Excel and we don’t expect them to be. Needless to say it proved difficult to keep a standardised set of audits as home manager’s changed and documents became out of date.  Perhaps our biggest issue was that each month our head office team would need to spend a significant amount of time gathering all of the reports from each individual home and then collate them into a group wide set of reports.  Naturally, we would want to change reports and sometimes view our metrics differently which would be very difficult to achieve.  We knew that there had to be a better way and that with the proper use of IT we would be able to automate and improve all of our internal systems.”

Following the implementation of c360, Minster Care Group is able to carry out CQC style inspections on their own services easily. The system generates in house ratings in line with CQC guidelines and can demonstrate to the regulators that they are well-led and able to capture all of the relevant indicators and evidence all findings. C360 also manages and collates all of Minster Care Groups action plans in one place that is accessible to all authorised users.

Minster (M): We spend a lot less time collecting data and our home managers find it much easier to provide us with the information that we need.  Best of all they don’t have to worry about collating information and sending us various reports as c360 takes care of all of this.  Training data is kept up to date and a home’s compliance matrix is always available at the click of a button.  Monthly incident trend reports are now automated and notifications to the CQC are also managed online which means less mistakes and less time spent filling in forms.  All of our audits are now filled in on c360 meaning that all aspects of our services are inspected in a standardised manner.  When it comes to CQC inspections we have all of our audits and actions plans, across all homes, in c360 too so we can evidence improvement and compliance.  

 C360 enables us to stay on top of all of our reporting and compliance processes and we have even seen improvements in our ratings, which in hindsight have been very difficult to achieve in these times of increased regulation without the transparency that c360 brings.”

 C360 is the most comprehensive compliance solution built specifically for care providers.

Key features

 All of your audits in one place – access our library of audits or use you own.

Online action plans – track, manage and report on actions across multiple sites.

Mock CQC audit tool – easily produce your own detailed inspection in our KLOE wizard.

Online Notifications – manage, review and send notifications to the CQC.

Incident reporting – capture and report on incidents at the click of a button.

Complaints handling – capture, manage and report on complaints.

Integrated training matrix – track training and produce detailed reports on all staff in the system.

 Contact us for a demo and in just 30 minutes we will show you how c360 can work for your organisation.

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