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In the past two years, care home providers reported 11,000 work related accidents in the UK. People handling is the most common cause of injury to staff, and low falls causing five fatalities and over 150 major injuries to residents*. Yet many of these injuries to both residents and staff in care homes could potentially be avoided, for as little as £2.50/day1.

“The transfer of residents from wheelchairs, or helping them transfer from a walking frame, to the toilet, is among one of the riskiest procedures because of the bilateral movement involved, and it is a procedure undertaken more than any other in the day: the average person goes to the toilet up to eight times a day! ,” explains Robin Tuffley, marketing manager @ Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s leader in toileting solutions for disabled and elderly. “Relevant lifting equipment, such as an Aerolet toilet lifter, could actually help save residents’ lives, and reduce risk to both residents and staff.”

The Aerolet replicates the natural motion of sitting down and standing up, automatically and smoothly lowering the user over and onto the toilet and then raising them to standing whilst ensuring their centre of gravity and thus balance remains stable. It is all controlled by the push of a button via integral arm supports, which simultaneously provide additional bracing as the resident transfers from wheelchair or frame to the toilet. Versions can be fixed over a particular WC, or be moved from one WC to another as required, with options to lift and lower vertically, or tilt for users with joint flexibility limitation.

Adds Robin, “Equipment such as the Aerolet, which help restore some or all of a person’s independence when toileting have the added, psychological and ‘beyond price’ benefits of enhancing the resident’s dignity, and reducing the carer’s provision of assistance in a basic, private function.”

The Aerolet is exclusively supplied by Clos-o-Mat, and is available in Vertical and Tilt options, for both conventional WCs and the Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita wash and dry toilet.

Clos-o-Mat not only supplies but can install, commission and service the units- a unique offering in the market. Full details are available on the company’s website, via the dedicated care/nursing home button.


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