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I-Benchmark System


The i-Benchmark system has been developed to bring simplicity to demonstrating Compliance to the Approve or Reject submissionsrequirements of the Health and Social Care act / CQC Inspections.

We help you understand the best practices that the CQC are looking for and incorporate these into your operation.  This helps you establish an effective compliance regime.

o   Adapt to changing regulations

o   Cut training costs

o   Improve the quality of service

o   Develop a long-term culture of complianceUploading Evidence

o   Stay up to date with the Care Quality Commission

What is included in the i-Benchmark System? 

The system offers a range of tools including:

  • ·         Quick & easy evidence upload tools pages.
  • ·         Create and manage a staff and training certification matrix.
  • ·         Capable of supporting multiple sites and department for your organisation.
  • ·         A collaborative team led approach to site level CQC compliance.
  • ·         Allocate tasks using workflow and validation for your CQC compliance team Dashboard Viewmembers.
  • ·         The CQC Manager dashboard allows each response to be validated before a CQC inspection takes place.
  • ·         Industry expert advice to help guide you through what’s for a CQC inspection.
  • ·         Establish an effective compliance regime
  • ·         Hundreds of online videos offering expert advice from key industry figures.
  • ·         Real time dashboards to monitor your CQC compliance evidence across all sites 24/7/365!At a glance notifications
  • ·         Expert advice and tool tip assistance for CQC every prompt.
  • ·         Asset library for both Policies & Procedures and Audits.
  • ·         Attach multiple documents to each response ensuring everything is kept in once place for your next CQC inspection.
  • ·         Company owner, manager and team based reporting.
  • ·         Report library to allow at a push reports to prove compliance to Regulators

How Our System is Unique

Simplistic Views

The at a glance view allows users to identify areas of concern which is highlighted by the alert symbol. By clicking on the alert it takes you directly to the area which needs attention.

Evidence attached

For each Key line of Enquiry users are able to see the number of documents attached and upload more. This allows you to demonstrate compliance easily with up to date evidence.

Team Approach

Managers are able to allocate tasks to other staff members to share the responsibility of Compliance. Once complete the manager can validate that it has been completed.

Expert Advice

For each key line of Enquiry you receive expert advice on what the Inspectors will be looking for and also Best practice on how to achieve compliance in this area.


Pricing starts at £85.00 per month for 1 license with 5 users

Why not have a look at our website and have a Free Trial of i-Benchmark.

Contact i-Benchmark at:

 Telephone: 234 2233

Email:  I benchmark Logo 1


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