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How Infection control measures are in Teal Living’s DNA.


PrintTeal has turned its experience in equipping NHS Nightingale Hospitals during the height of the Pandemic to helping care homes choose furniture with infection control in mind.

 In a time when infection control has never been so important, it’s what Teal do on a daily basis. Recently equipping Nightingale Hospitals across the country with its healthcare furniture, Teal is a trusted partner to the NHS. And it’s this link that helps the company develop furniture ranges with infection control in mind, including Teal LIVING, with ranges developed specifically for care home operators.

Sara-Jane Farrow, National Business Manager explains the role that Teal Living are playing in the Pandemic. “Covid-19 has certainly RIBBLE PARK LODGE_29changed our world.   We’re all desperate to get back to some sort of normality, and hopefully one day the threat will pass – but as restrictions are lifted and our ability to move freely and see our loved ones again finally becomes a reality, we are constantly reminded that we must remain vigilant and reduce exposure to the virus wherever possible. Teal LIVING are all about supporting our customers, offering specialist advice on fabrics and furniture solutions that not only meet the needs of the residents, but are fit for purpose and contribute to hygiene control, helping care homes to carry on doing their amazing work”.

Teal has a robust Coronavirus action plan in line with Government guidelines with a host of measures in place since the onset of the Pandemic. Each item of furniture is sanitised prior to dispatch using Panaz Shield™ Plus Anti-microbial Technology. All staff are temperature checked daily to monitor any signs of the virus and delivery drivers are equipped with PPE to reduce transmission. Procedures are in place for delivery and installation of Teal products with full Risk Assessments completed, which includes a Covid specific element.

Sealed upholstery options for example ensure there are no crevices or gaps down the side of armchairs and sofas, making them quick astra quantumand easy to clean in line with the home’s infection control procedures. Fabrics with in-built Panaz Shield™ Plus Anti-microbial Technology, tested as effective against Coronavirus are available, while legs are treated with Medicote™ anti-bacterial lacquer formulated to include an agent that stops bacteria surviving on the surface. Medicote™ also reduces the risk of discolouration and odours cased by micro-organisms. Teal Living also offer a range of wipe clean anti-microbial table tops and have recently introduced a range of products including Perspex, MFC and anti-bacterial screens, hand sanitizer stations and signage, helping to make the behind-the-scenes office a safe destination once again.  











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