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How a space saving kitchen door mechanism can be a boon for wheelchair users


For wheelchair users the simple act of opening a low level swing door in the kitchen can be a trial. The cabinet door wants to open into the space where your wheelchair is so you have to manLIN-X_corner installationoeuvre with one hand and open with the other.

The LIN-X mechanism from Sugatsune in Japan has a novel opening movement: out and to the side. They call it lateral opening and it has many of the advantages of sliding doors. For the wheelchair user it means that accessing low level kitchen cabinets just got a whole lot easier. The door won’t invade space occupied by the wheelchair and you can open and reach inside without having to move the wheelchair.

The LIN-X has a fully damped self closing mechanism and can be combined with push-to-open catches which are also a boon for those with arthritic hands.

Space is always at a premium in the Japanese home so Sugatsune has a good range of space saving designs. The SKD is for full sized architectural doors and has the dual benefits of saving space and being ideal for disabled access. As you open the door towards you it moves back as it rotates, so you don’t have to.

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