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HI-MACS® – first choice of dental implant clinic


The dental implant clinic that opened its doors in April in downtown Bucharest has chosen to use HI-MACS® Natural Acrylic Stone – New Generation material – to create a confortable and elegant reception area. The welcoming space was designed by Arch. Adriana Tihon, whhimacs2o opted for a game of curved shapes in a warm neutral chromatic.

The reception desk is entirely made of HI-MACS® in Alpine White, and has a strong impact on visitors, whilst the intersection of heights ensures the staff privacy and hides the storage spaces. The desk’s organic shapes were possible due to HI-MACS® extraordinary thermoforming properties and seamless joints. The nonporous smooth surface makes the countertop pleasant to touch and also resistant to intensive usage, not allowing bacteria or fungi to infiltrate and affect the material.

The incredible versatility of the material allowed the design of a continuous space from the curved shape of the reception desk to the sinuous line of the sitting area. Both of these furniture pieces have recessed plinths with LED illuminated, increasing the space and giving the impression that the objects levitate.

To give spaciousness to a small room, the vertical front of the reception is continued with a lateral cladding also made of HI-MACS® Alpine White. The painted MDF wall behind the desk is CNC processed with an elliptical shape pattern.

Through style and colour, the waiting area harmoniously blends with the cabinets area, where HI-MACS® is present again thanks to its hygienic properties: the homogeneous surface and the invisible joints don’t allow steam absorption, dirt adhesion or bacteria infiltration. Moreover, the material is very easily cleaned and sterilized. Thus, the countertops and the sinks from all three medical offices, from toilets and kitchen, are all made of this natural stone. With a high resistance to chemical agents, HI-MACS® was also used in the sterilization chamber.

This project brings an innovation in the applicability of HI-MACS by making 5 negatoscopes. Being electrostatically inert, HI-MACS® was used in Alpine White version. Since the Lucent range allows the homogeneous passage of light through the surface, the screens for viewing radiographs were made of LED backlighted HI-MACS® Opal.

With its longevity, HI-MACS® is ideal for medical furniture, holding certifications awarded by LGA (evaluates ease of cleaning, resistance to bacteria and fungi) and NSF (evaluates accepted standards for a variety of areas related to public health) that make it suitable for countless applications in the healthcare field.himacs3

Project: Dental implant clinic

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Design: Adriana Tihon, Atvangarde Surfaces; AMA Design

Fabricator: Atvangarde Surfaces

Material: HI-MACS® Alpine White, Opal, glossy painted mdf

Photo: Stelian Popa

HI-MACS® by LG Hausys

Surfacing the World

HI-MACS® is a solid surface material that can be moulded into any shape. It is widely used for architectural and interior applications, such as sculptural and high performance wall-cladding or kitchen, bathroom and furniture surfaces, in commercial, residential and public space projects. It is composed of acrylic, natural minerals and pigments that come together to provide a smooth, non-porous and visually seamless surface which meets the highest standards for aesthetics, fabrication, functionality and hygiene – offering manifold advantages over conventional materials.

HI-MACS® provides limitless possibilities for surfacing solutions and inspires creative minds from all over the world. Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, Rafael Moneo, Karim Rashid and David Chipperfield, among others, have completed fabulous projects using HI-MACS®, from kitchens to bathrooms, including decorative items, in hotels as well as in museums, shopping centres and on external façades.

LG Hausys’ HI-MACS® uses a simple heating process to give three-dimensional thermoplastic forming capabilities, allows visually seamless designs, offers a virtually limitless range of colours and – for some shades – exhibits a special translucency when exposed to light. Although HI-MACS® is almost as robust as stone, it can be worked in a similar way as wood: it can be sawn, routed, drilled or sanded.

HI-MACS® is manufactured using a new generation technology, the thermal cure. The temperature reached during the manufacturinghimacs4 process sets HI-MACS® apart from other solid surfaces and creates a denser, even more homogeneous, sturdy, durable surface – with a better resistance and superior thermoforming performance.

As regards hygiene, HI-MACS® does not absorb humidity, is highly resistant to stains, and is easy to clean, maintain and repair.

Countless internationally recognized certificates attest to the quality of HI-MACS® in terms of ecological commitment, hygiene and fire resistance – being the first Solid Surface in the market to receive the official European Technical Approval (ETA) for façades – for Alpine White S728 colour.

HI-MACS® offers the longest warranty on the solid surface market with a 15-year warranty for products fabricated and installed by a member of the HI-MACS® Quality Club.

HI-MACS® The New Generation

Inspired by Architecture

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* HI-MACS® is designed and produced by LG HAUSYS, a world leader in the technology sector belonging to LG Group, and distributed by LG HAUSYS EUROPE based in Geneva (Switzerland).


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