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Heating larger buildings with multiple residents


Heating larger buildings with multiple residents, many of whom are sedentary for much of the time, is a heavy and unavoidable Croft Castle Euroheat-3-11-14-26765financial burden. This is particularly true for those off the mains gas grid. But there is another reliable and effective green solution. Burning wood chips, pellets or logs instead of oil or gas releases far less CO2 into the atmosphere. Trees absorb large amounts of CO2 whilst they grow, and release them same amount if the timber is burnt or simply left to rot. Therefore biomass heating is an acknowledged part of the UK’s energy mix and is supported the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive.

This means that, for example, a 200kW biomass boiler will receive over £15,000 of annual support, each and every year for 20 years. With typical payback of 6-8years for the entire project, biomass heating can not only save on running costs but can add significant profits to any sort of business.

Euroheat, a successful private British company in operation for over 20 years, supply HDG boilers which are built in Bavaria. These Croft Castle Euroheat-3-11-14-26733are widely regarded as the best most heavily-engineered units on the market. With their partner installers, Euroheat have supplied over 1,000 large scale biomass systems to the public and private sectors, from mansions and castles to schools and care homes.

Efficiency and reliability are our highest priorities, and our products and design services ensure that you have a system installed that exceeds expectations.

Burning wood works.


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Croft Castle, in Herefordshire has installed an Euroheat HDG biomass boiler which is enabling estate managers to claim in excess of £20k annually in Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments, while saving over £10k in fuel costs per year


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