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Happy Camper Carers


As I left the Dementia, Care and Nursing Home Expo in Birmingham last week, I walked past Ruth and Amy, who were holidaying at a nearby campsite, and were visiting their first ever Care Show.

A couple of hours earlier, they’d been finding out about our Care App and liked what they were told. We met because I’d overheard them, while we queued for a coffee, talking about repeatedly burning their meat on their campfires. They’d left behind their camping stove and were now regulars at the delighted local pizza delivery.  As our tales of various canvas carnage unfolded, including hunting by torchlight for a battered tent in a windswept Spanish ravine, I tell them about my bushwhacker sister who once woke up to find a Hyena asleep next to a bowl of punch.  It took a particularly tone-deaf version of ‘I will survive’ to eventually compel the groggy animal to slink away.

We sit down and talk about how our Care App links Carer to Care Providers (, while outlining our journey from working as Carers to developing and launching this App.

“Wow!” she beams. I love the flexibility and how it values Carers. And I love the way the more specialised and in demand you become, the more you can earn.”

Her eyes convey a scintilla of doubt as she carries on reading our leaflet. “Self-Employed?” I’m not sure about that. People don’t want to do all their own taxes and stuff.” I give a reassuring smile and say to her “Don’t be put off by that. All Carers have the option of choosing to use a payroll company and they will do all their PAYE and Expenses as part of the service. Plus, there’s a free independent mediation service in case you need it. “

Ruth folds her arms and looks me straight in the eye. “Ok, what’s the catch?” For Carers wanting flexibility and a proper pathway to progress their careers, this is too good to be true, surely?”

“There’s no catch, I promise. Our minimum requirements are that you have 2 years’ or more experience as a paid Carer, have the online updated DBS service, and you’re trained in the mandatory social care courses. After that, it’s just a matter of being fully vetted, putting your profile on the App once approved, and then you’re up and running. And that’s it.”

“How can you afford to only charge a small % management fee?” Amy asks. It’s a perceptive question. “We have no office costs and very little overheads. We prioritise Carers earning a higher hourly rate, rather the other way round. Because we’re not greedy with our management fee, care companies still achieve significant savings, so we’ll get repeat business. We pride ourselves on being an excellent link between Carers and Care Companies, with support services included. We’ve been grilled by many Care Providers and haven’t had our fingers burnt yet.”

“Speaking of which, Amy chortles as she turns to Ruth, let’s try and cook something tonight that’s actually edible!”

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