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German floor care company, Dr Schutz, has introduced a high quality, time and cost efficient solution for dentist practicesdr schutz and doctor’s surgeries.

 Dr Schutz has created an ideal solution to solve the problem of keeping medical practice room floors in pristine condition. The PU Sealer has been carefully designed to combat floor wear and tear commonly associated with these medical rooms. Due to the permanent sealing, this PU Sealer protects against friction wear and discolouration. This can be caused by liquids such as disinfectant or chemical spillages– all highly common occurrences in these settings.

In a medical environment, only the highest quality of hygiene and safety is satisfactory. Dr Schutz has orientated their know-how and service to fulfil these specialist requirements. Not only does the PU sealer provide safety with anti-slip, but it is also six times harder wearing than any Dr Schutz PU Sealer 1other conventional life-long sealer, offering a 3 year guarantee and satisfaction promise.

Refurbishing a floor using Dr Schutz PU Sealer is significantly lower in cost than laying a brand new floor.   Not to mention it is a faster and cleaner solution than the disruption of a complete floor replacement. The PU sealer is applied as a lacquer seal which is then carefully layered over worn flooring, creating a new floor on top of the old. This process does not require any equipment to be dismantled – such as a dentist chair – which can be time consuming and very disruptive to the practice itself.

Due to the short drying time, there is a fast return to operational use.  Unlike many other floor refurbishment services, the process does not produce any noise or dirt.  A standard renovation can be completed in a weekend.

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