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Gainsborough introduces latest Gentona variable height bath with new bather transfer system


Gainsborough Specialist Bathing, the UK leader in powered baths for the care sector, has introduced a new version of its latest gainsborough4Gentona variable height bath – now encompassing a detachable bather transfer system.

The standard Gentona bath continues to deliver significant operational efficiencies to healthcare providers. It is a highly versatile and reliable bathing solution designed to deliver high quality care in challenging high-traffic environments. Its powered variable height ensures carers can operate at safe working heights and engage more with residents and patients whilst the bather transfer seat negates the need for manual moving and handling. This eliminates the potential risk of back and muscle injury for carers and provides a safe and secure transfer process for disabled bathers.

Gainsborough has just introduced the option to specify a Gentona with a complete bather transfer system. This comprises of a powered transfer seat that is detachable and compatible with a stainless steel trolley. Together these deliver a seamless transfer between bathing, toileting and bedroom areas and eliminate the need for mobile and ceiling track hoists in many situations. Its


streamlined design means cleaning and subsequent infection control are easier to implement.

Ideal for dementia care, the ergonomic and spacious Gentona is a trusted solution that delivers a pleasant and relaxing experience for patients who struggle with modesty, unfamiliarity and patience. Special options such as Hydrotherapy, Chromatherapy and a sound system can all be installed to stimulate bathers and improve mood.

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