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Fusion: Care Planning-Functions and Features


The world of health care is constantly evolving as new technology becomes available enabling providers and health care


professionals to become effective and efficient whilst delivering the highest level of care.

Typically and historically care planning was carried out in paper based formats giving rise to handwriting, spelling and grammar issues not to mention the look and feel of worn, dirty scruffy paper. Fusion Care Solutions have been creating a buzz in the sector with their state of the art electronic care planning module.

Fusions electronic care plans are accessible on the cloud from anywhere via an internet or 3G/4G connection and work on any device and operating system from Smart Phone to PC, from Windows to Apple.

Comparing electronic to paper care planning is as chalk to cheese! You will see a positive impact on your business from time saving and accuracy through to compliance. The huge benefit however is that electronic care plans enable the user to keep all resident records in one place. Management can monitor staff to ensure they are carrying out assigned duties accurately and on time by logging in to the records in real time.

Accurate, timely care planning has the ability to transform the type and quality of care the resident will receive. The operators username and password login will dictate what they are authorised to view, add or amend within the care plan. Entering assessments, notes and records on the resident is far simpler as the software is designed to ensure that mistakes are far less likely to happen in the record.

Fusion’s new technologies allow clear and concise collaboration and communication between care professionals.. The culmination results in the delivery of person centred care leaving carers and nurses with a clear, accurate forward plan of action for the resident.

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