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Making it Better with solutions by Sidhil



Reducing the prevalence of pressure ulcers is an issue which concerns all sectors of the healthcare market. With the often-quoted daily costs of treating a pressure ulcer ranging from £43 to £374 depending upon the severity of the case, successful reductions impact very positively on budgets and patient outcomes.

Healthcare specialists Sidhil have invested heavily in the development of a comprehensive range of surfaces designed around optimising conditions to reduce prevalence.

From the flagship Artemis fully automatic dynamic mattress accommodating very high risk patients through to 4G memory foam mattresses, pressure reducing static mattresses and a full range of seats, Sidhil’s high specification systems have been developed to protect patients even during periods of prolonged usage. The range covers all clinical requirements and all risk factors, delivering very high pressure care risk management as defined by the EPUAP and NICE guidelines.

Optimum levels of pressure care: Sidhil’s Dynamic Therapy solutions

At the very top of the range in terms of performance, Artemis is a fully automatic dynamic mattress with a range of functions to support acute care needs in hospitals, care homes and the community. Therapies include alternating, pulsation and constant low

Sidhil - Acclaim flo#F2BDE8

pressure which automatic adjustment the internal pressures determined by the individual patient’s weight.

 Ideal for underweight and paediatric patients as well as those unable to tolerate movement, Ares provides a constant low pressure option where patient weight is distributed evenly through the cells, Once fully inflated the mattress switches automatically to Alternating Mode, setting the pressure automatically to match the requirements of the patient on the bed.

Offering automatic pressure adjustment featuring a simple comfort control setting which can be easily adjusted to achieve a firmer or softer pressure according to patient preference, Apollo is an alternating dynamic system ‘zoned’ with narrower cells in the heel section to protect more vulnerable areas from shear and friction.

Atlas features two therapy options via an easy to use digital control system incorporating dynamic and static modes. After inflation the system will automatically choose the alternating mode, with the pressure adjusting initially to patient weight, then alternating over a 10 minute cycle.

Complementing the dynamics, Athena is a true low air loss mattress system, typically used for low weight patients, paediatrics,

Artemis Rev 3

dermatological conditions and palliative care. This system maintains an evenly distributed flow of cool air across the surface to help manage skin heat and humidity, preventing skin breakdown, as well as a special ‘auto firm’ setting to assist with nursing procedures.

New for 2016 is the company’s very latest Acclaim Cool mattress, designed around 4G memory foam, providing particular benefits for environments such as burns units, bariatric applications and patients with high temperatures the 4G memory foam offers greatly improved thermal conductivity.

Sidhil’s foam range includes mattress replacements, overlays and accessories as well as bariatric options, the company also supplies mattresses compatible with other available beds, patient trolleys and birthing beds. All have breathable two-way stretch vapour permeable PU covers, designed to minimise the risk of shear and friction.

Safe, comfortable cushions and seats

Sidhil also offers a comprehensive range of dynamic and static seat therapy cushions, many of which double up with dynamic

mattress systems to run from existing pumps. Sidhil static and dynamic cushions have been developed specifically to match a full range of clinical requirements.

Sidhil’s Pressure Area Care products are supported 24/7, 365 days a year via the company’s nationwide network of service centres, with next day product availability to assist with acute care and hospital discharge requirements.

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