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Finally, A Digital System for LD Operators


CD AR SEKOIA IMAGE 3For a lot of care and support providers finding the right system that’s bespoke to their residents’ profiles hasn’t been easy. All too often the feeling of having to adapt to elderly home care standards has made providers supporting people with learning disabilities refrain from going digital.

Nexus Programme and Active Prospects are some of those providers.

They offer bespoke care and support plans that recognise the unique needs of all the individuals they support. They make a concerted effort to promote independent living within a supported and caring environment.

 Good Care Planning Is Empowering

To offer truly bespoke care, they need their care plans to be living documents. So, they can adapt, evolve, and change alongside the people they support. That means having full control of their digital care planning system, according to Operations Director and Registered Manager at Nexus Programme, Clair Davies.

“Sekoia for us has made a huge, huge difference. We’re spending more time on our clients and less time on filling out paperwork. OnceCR AR Sekoia Image the staff team had actually seen Sekoia in action, they were like ‘wow what have we done for the past 10, 15 years?’. This is such an amazing system. Everything’s in one place. It takes seconds to fill out information. And then to do monthly reports, it’s a click of a button. Which has made our monitoring of our services so much easier.”

Focus On Outcomes and Aspirations

The senior team at Active Prospects had also been searching for the right system for quite some time. Jade Vallance, who is the Director of Care, explains:

”We hadn’t really found the right product. Every product we looked at needed to be adapted. And Sekoia was the first product where we were like: Oh! This is what we were looking for, but we couldn’t fit it into words”.

Elaborating on the reasons for going this way, Jade emphasises the need for being less time and task, and more focused on individuals.

“The systems we looked at previously were very focused on the processes in elderly care homes. It was very task related with less focusCR AR SEKOIA 2 on the resident’s outcomes, aspirations, and goals.”

Better Relationship Results

Back in Kent with Nexus Programme, Clair Davies and her team is getting used to working digitally. And the results aren’t bad either.

“We have really progressed since we started to use Sekoia. We spend more time with our clients. The quality and the quantity of care has grown massively. We’re building better relationships with people. We’ve generated reports and sent them out to commissioners, and they’ve been so happy with that much information in one PDF. So, our relationships both internally and externally have changed drastically since we started using Sekoia.”

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