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Empowering Carers through Nourish


It is no secret we are in the midst of a digital revolution, and in the care sector we are starting to use digital to transform how we work and how we provide care.

The days of seemingly endless paper recording, printing and filing – the days spent getting paper records together for inspections – are thankfully moving behind us. Care teams across the sector are making the transition to digital care records; benefiting from higher quality care plans and notes, compliant and accurate audit trails and a greater degree of control and visibility across the management process.

Our digital care management system has proven to be a great tool for managers; instant access to up-to-date information, efficient monitoring of care provision and the ability to use data to inform the future of care. What is just as important, however, is understanding how the system impacts frontline staff; how it can enable carers to provide a higher quality, person-centered and more informed level of care.

With Nourish, carers record their notes at the point of care, on portable devices they keep on their person. Carers are thereby able to focus a lot more on the person they are working with, and encouraged to record the person-centered care notes that inspectors say distinguishes a quality care service. This promotes greater clarity, adds useful context and ensures all information is recorded as soon as possible – not forgotten over the course of the day.  It also frees up that time at the end of the shift historically used for writing notes, meaning carers can spend more time with the residents.

As Nourish stores all information securely in the Cloud, Carers can also be kept informed of a resident’s care notes and care plans throughout the day. Using dropdowns, checkboxes and more, carers can contribute more holistic information, more quickly. Through the use of alarms and warnings, carers can raise any concerns or highlight any area of care they feel management need to be aware of; and be kept fully informed of how the resident is progressing and what action has been taken.

Carers using Nourish also experience better lines of communication. Using the internal messaging feature, managers can keep carers better informed, whether that be about scheduled training dates or changes in care procedure. Recording notes as they care also promotes better communication between carer and resident; recording data can very much form part of the conversation with residents, enabling them to contribute to their own notes in a sociable format.

Ultimately, using Nourish saves carers time that they can give back to providing actual care. It empowers carers to keep holistic, person-centred and keeps them informed of up-to-date changes. Through better communication across the care team and easier access to a residents care plan and notes, carers are more empowered in their care of the resident.

“Despite some initial natural apprehension, our carers have found using Nourish to be a refreshing and efficient change to a longstanding process of handwritten documentation. Documentation is recorded live and visible immediately to anyone with permission to view it” – Paul Dennis Andrews, Encompass

 “The main thing for our carers is that the paperwork is a lot easier. What they were doing beforehand was having to provide care and then try and hold all that information until the end of the shift. Care for residents is now much more to the point and accessible. Input from the carers feeds directly into the care plan, meaning it’s updated within minutes of it taking place. Recording in real time means we don’t lose any important information.” – Simon Francis, Silverline Care

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