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Employer Branding – Getting seen and attracting talent



With the social care sector growing at an exponential rate, how can employers use the web to attract social care workers who have the experience and passion to drive their company forward?


To find out, we sat down with Koray Ismail, the Founder and Managing Director of

In this telling interview, Koray talks about his background, the importance of employer branding and how social media and internet marketing can make or break your care business.

Koray, thanks for taking the time to meet with us. You founded at the start of 2017. Tell me more about your background and what motivated you to set up a social care related job board?

I left school at the tender age of sixteen, I made it into sixth form but only managed a few months before I realised that I wanted to go off and make money — school just wasn’t for me it seemed. Even before I left sixth form, I was working part-time at a local estate agency, my role consisted of carrying out viewings, cold calling and generally being scolded by the office manager. I worked as an estate agent for approximately 3 years and even had a stint as office manager.

By 19, I found myself in the social care industry. I went back to college and eventually achieved a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children & Young People’s Services. My forte has always been business building, so I settled as a business development manager at the North London based semi-independent care provider, Stepping Out. I remained in my role for over 7 years, building a social care business from very little income to a turnover of around 1.5 million pounds a year.

Whilst working in social care, I found it was always very difficult to attract talent to the sector. I remember spending thousands of pounds experimenting with different job sites and creating adverts in the local press. I set up because I believed the social care sector needed a job board that was cost effective and targeted.

Why do you think social care employers have difficulties attracting new talent?

It’s important to state that the social care sector has grown tremendously over the last two decades. I read recently that there are 1.55 million adult social care jobs available in England alone and this figure is set to rise substantially. This means that job seekers have lots of options when they come to choosing their new employer, and this brings us onto the subject of employer branding.

Employer branding is so much more important today than in the past. Getting your branding right and then being able to successfully communicate your message to potential job seekers is the foundation of any talent attraction campaign.

With so many job opportunities in the sector what are job seekers looking for when searching for their next employer and where should employers be advertising?

Most job seekers will be looking for job opportunities online, it’s likely they will browse the listings of a generalist job board like and a niche job board like

Naturally, job seekers will be paying close attention to the employer’s branding, so their company logo is quite important here. A high-quality logo coupled with modern branding quickly gives off the impression that the organisation invests in itself and it may, therefore, invest in its staff.

Expect job seekers to visit the company website. They will want to land on an easy to navigate, modern and well-presented homepage, it is very likely they will be browsing for a job using their smartphone and so employers must ensure their website is mobile friendly, if it is not then it is reasonable to say that they will lose a large number of potential applications

How can social care employers use social media to attract talent?

Social media platforms are becoming more and more popular. Organisations now needs to have a regular presence on the major social media platforms. I highly recommend employers have company pages set-up with Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, though Instagram is also a surprisingly good place to find talented social care workers.

Job seekers will be paying attention to what your social media engagement is like,  how many followers you have and assessing the quality of your social media posts. I for one would not want to work with a company who shares posts that are made using clip art and littered with spelling and grammar mistakes. My advice is to be

 Do you provide any services to support employers with their branding and talent attraction campaigns?

Certainly, we provide the complete branding service from logo design and web development to social media management and content creation. We use the job board platform to host social care vacancies and circulate them across a network of 50+ job sites and aggregators.

 How can interested companies get in touch with you?

If you are interested in advertising on our job board or want to discuss employer branding and or social media management services please call us on 01992 850 448 or email, you can also fill in the contact form via our website

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