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Accurate, timely care planning has the ability to transform the type and quality of care the resident will receive.

The care sector historically has predominantly been a user of paper based systems and as an industry for the most part was late to take up the challenges of new technologies. Our many years of experience in long term care have enabled us to work closely with our colleagues and clients developing systems that were not only care specific but intuitive and user friendly. Given that currently are sales are doubling year on year we are confident that we are achieving our vision to bring to the sector quality products enabling our clients to run highly effective, efficient and profitable care centric businesses with enduring value.

Ecareplan is an industry breakthrough. A unique and intuitive system, which allows our clients to build their own assessments and scoring systems by the utilising ground breaking wizard based tools which have been created in the product.

Being a cloud based system ecareplan reduces costs, all you need are a choice of web enabled PC’s laptops, tablets or smart phones .On-site hosting is pricey and usually will require expensive servers. Using Cloud/Web based technologies allows you to keep up to date with the evolving technology and an upgrade to a cloud based system causes none or minimum business disruption.

With friendly and reliable customer support from experienced staff providing up to date, futureproof, state of the art products we have the edge on our competitors in all areas with customers who are happy to qualify that statement. Our products are licensed on 3 month rolling contracts and therefore provide budgeted, low on going costs to our clients

The care sector is in transition facing difficult challenges with regulatory requirements, recruitment and the national minimum wage to name but a few. With high standards in the day to day managing of systems and best practice, the team at Fusion know about care and the headaches that go with it, placing our clients in good hands, we believe we are the best at what we do. You can rely on us.

Our products are 100% developed for the care sector. Care is our only business.

Fusions products are designed for your business, by people who understand your business.

To learn more about ecareplan and other care sector specific products, please contact:

Fusion Care Solutions Ltd

Office: 01133 979 555



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