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Do you know who your biggest competitor is right now? It’s your local supermarket and that’s a fact!


The Kings Fund discussed this very issue in a recent blog*, which discusses the struggles with high vacancy rate and rapid turnover of staff as employees find retail work a better-paid alternative to care work.

Of course money is a huge motivating factor, it’s common sense that a better hourly rate will be more appealing to an individual looking for a job, we’ve all got bills to pay, right? However in our line of work we know there are other factors that influence individuals drawn to roles within the care sector.

Everyday we deal with individuals who are born carers, they want to care, they are caring, and a role like this is a vocation rather than a job. This is the kind of person you really want in your organisation – but how will you show them you value them enough to make it worth their while?

Check this out if you don’t want future staff to consider the supermarket Checkout.

Firstly get your recruitment process right. The wrong recruitment process is 99% responsible for why you cannot attract the right staff.

What does a great recruitment process look like? 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one cap fits all method and there are too many elements to cover, however there are 7 actionable points that will help you improve your recruitment process.


A great recruitment process works on metrics and can be measured and refined. Measuring your activities will help you identify bottlenecks in your process and make the necessary changes to improve your results.

Candidate Experience

You also need to think about your candidate experience from start to finish. The starting point is your job advert the end point is when they are on rota, not when you have made a formal offer.

Job Adverts

Remember, an advert sells or promotes something. Do your adverts sell your company and your job or are you still using a watered down job description to promote your vacancy.

Interviews Process

You need a solid interview screening process that aligns talent to your job role and company culture.

CV Sifting vs Calling People

Finding the right talent is NOT about calling people who have the best CV or have worked in the sector for 5+ years, it’s about values, beliefs and cultural fit.

Speed & Tenacity

You should be calling everyone that applies for your vacancies within 24-48hrs but be prepared to make multiple calls. Remember, the competition for entry-level salaried staff is at an all time high and it’s getting harder.

Emails and Application Forms

As a rule, sending emails and 10-16 page long application forms will only hinder your process.

There are many steps that can be taken in order to improve your results. Although it may not seem easy to everyone, it is possible, and it can be done.

The Care Hub are masters at this, book a free consultation with the sector’s proven recruitment transformation experts, it’s guaranteed to save you time and money.

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