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Do you find it difficult to promote your services?


Colette Lowe, Managing Director of Chew PR, care sector marketing and promotion specialists based in Yorkshire.

 Do you find it difficult to promote your services?

Developing a promotion strategy can be critical to the success of any business large or small, manufacturer or service provider, the purpose of promotion is the same.

 It is the vehicle that will communicate, educate and raise awareness of what you do to your audience in a sustained manner.

If used correctly promotional activity can convey your expertise and professionalism, foster customer confidence and trust, brand you as a credible employer, put you in front of care home finders, and position you favourably with the CQC.

In your busy business there are many priorities, perhaps promotion is on your list but certainly not at top. Limited on time and being able to secure the right resources often puts a halt to consistent communications, but if it isn’t consistent it will never work – repetition is reputation!

This is where I can help. From building an online profile, securing press coverage, or developing the perfect newsletter, these are some of the many tools employed to positively distinguish your business from your competition.

Get started with your promotion strategy by thinking about what it is you want your promotion to achieve. Is it more business, a better reputation, or to attract the right staff.

Once you have a clear goal invest and create in good quality content to achieve it.

Here are three key factors in developing a good promotion strategy for your business.

  1. Humanize your business. Share your personality, your service-user experiences, your good deeds, and the good care you provide.
  2. Visualize your good work and create stories and pictures to capture it. Everyone likes a story, especially with pictures, it is how we connect and share understanding.
  3. Maximize your message and share throughout your website, social media, newsletter, and local media.

Promotion isn’t just for big companies with big budgets, smaller companies have a real opportunity to benefit no matter what the budget. Contact me Colette Lowe to discuss promoting your reputation for business growth.


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