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Digital care planning in home care


By Unique IQ

Digital technology is starting to transform the home care sector, ensuring better outcomes for those receiving care. But progress is slow. Recent research from NHSX found that around one third of social care providers are still totally paper-based, with another third using a mixture of paper and digital.

So, for home care providers that may be only just embarking on their digital journey, let’s take a look at what digital care planning is.

While there isn’t a definitive definition to describe digital care planning, generally, it describes the process of integrating digital processes and technology into the planning and delivery of care. This typically means the use of care management software (such as Unique IQ’s), but can also extend to using tech-enabled care such as wearables, sensors, home monitors, telephony systems and smartphone apps.

Some of the benefits of using a digital system for care planning include:

  • Reduced risks arising from handwritten documents – that can be lost, damaged or difficult to read.
  • A more reliable and efficient way to store carer and client details than a traditional filing system.
  • Changes can be made at the touch of a button – and the data can be interrogated, shared and automated in countless ways.
  • Data in almost any digital record can be pulled into other forms, which reduces the need to constantly input the same data over and over again.
  • Version control ensures that only the latest documents are used, and changes are constantly recorded for inspection purposes.
  • Robust client and carer records ensure that training is kept up-to-date, personal preferences are accurately shared and carer skills are matched to client needs – improving person-centred care.

We recently supported Carers Trust Mid Yorkshire to transition to digital care planning and it has revolutionised how they operate: “Transitioning from paper-based to digital records has been completely transformative. We used to spend countless hours trawling through filing cabinets and reprinting documents. With Unique IQs software, it takes seconds to find, update or share the information we need.”

A digital transformation is coming. And while it’s important to consider the benefits that digital care planning can have on the administration function of your business, it can also positively impact the quality of care clients receive – and be a true catalyst for improved person-centred care.



  • Digital documents and care plans can be shared via our mobile app for carers to peruse at any time and updated instantly without needing to be reprinted and replaced



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