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5 years ago, Panaz were delighted to work with Stirling Dementia Services Development Centre to review our collections portfolio


and establish guidelines on the usability of our designs within dementia care environments. Happily, we have continued this relationship and have updated our Ratings Guide for our latest collections: Westwood and Enliven.

Designing for dementia care presents important considerations and concerns that can often provoke a too safe and conservative approach to an interior scheme in terms of colour and design. The considered approach is beneficial but the over-cautious or unimaginative design may not produce the most therapeutic or nurturing environments for the individual. Under-stimulation is as detrimental as over-stimulation. Fabrics play a major part in this, impacting on mood, sense of well being, security and comfort. Ensuring that fabric selections reflect the residents’ interests, gender and stage of life is important as it helps to reinforce personal identity, enhancing self esteem and confidence.

Panaz recognises that people with dementia are very individual and the breadth of our design offer reflects this. We have developed a series of guidelines to form a general framework of advice which still allows for this individual and personal touch.

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