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Cyber security at NDGAI


What is it and why do we need it?

You may be wondering, “what exactly is cyber security?” Cyber security refers to the techniques and safeguards that are put in place to prevent or reduceCI4.1 AI_Face disruption from attacks on networks, devices, data and applications. So do we have measures in place at NDGAI to protect us from cyber attacks? Of course we do! Before we speak about how we protect ourselves at NDGAI, we must first understand the importance of having such protection and why it is needed. The answer to this is simple, it is to protect the data we process from unauthorised access, and also to ensure that our network is stable, allowing us to run our AI applications.

How do we use it? What protective measures are in place?

At NDGAI, we store our data and host our services within Amazon Web Services (AWS). This means that all of NDGAI’s services are held in the cloud. This offers NDGAI with many benefits as far as physical security is concerned. NDGAI’s data is protected within carefully located data centres which are safe from floods and other environmental risks. The data centres are fitted with intrusion and fire detection, CCTV monitoring and only authorised personnel are granted access. To provide further resiliency, AWS have multiple “Availability Zones”, which are basically data centres. We will speak about this in more detail, but essentially, it means that if one availability zone fails then NDGAI will not come to a halt because NDGAI uses multiple availability zones to host it’s services. AWS also offers a ‘service commitment’ of 99.95% uptime for it’s services.

So now that you know how our physical hardware is protected in the cloud, let’s talk some more about what we do to protect our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)CI8.1 OptifAI jpeg on white background within AWS. NDGAI’s infrastructure has been built by sticking strictly to AWS best practices and tough security measures. At every level of the infrastructure, there is a tough layer of security. The NDGAI infrastructure has been built specifically with security and failover in mind, so that our clients receive the best possible service. Firewalls are in place acting as gatekeepers protecting our servers from unwanted traffic. A strict password policy is followed to mitigate any risk from unauthorised access. Programs and systems are regularly updated and patched to ensure that no security leaks can occur. On top of all this, our systems are monitored 24/7 to ensure that no unusual network activity is occurring. If a security breach is detected then an alarm is raised instantly.

At NDGAI, we like to have every angle covered, especially if we are faced with an unexpected disaster. This is why we take daily backups to ensure our data is kept safe no matter what the disaster. As mentioned before, our data is also replicated in multiple availability zones should a failure occur.

Benefits of Cyber Security

So why do we need all this protection? As mentioned already, it is a given that we must protect our networks and data from unauthorised access. As long as we are protecting what matters, this provides our service users with the utmost confidence in NDGAI. In addition to

this, the cyber security controls and failover mechanisms which are in place allow NDGAI to continue as a business. This year, fewer businesses are identifying breaches or attacks compared to 2020, this could be a result of the pandemic and lower trading activity.

Whatever the cause, we must remain vigilant at all times. NDGAI will keep it’s guard up.

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