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Covid 19 & Accelerating Digital Healthcare


Covid 19 has shone a spotlight on certain failings leaving staff & residents without the support that technology could have provided, Staff Dashboardgiving care providers who have not yet embraced digital a timely call to action. Digital solutions offer transformative change.

Fusion’s development in providing over 10 years of digital technology to the Care Sector has proven to have driven higher standards of both care and efficiency by spearheading enhancements in time consuming input, reporting and care processes, exhibited by numerous outstanding CQC reports achieved by our tech savvy clients.

NHSX, the organisation given responsibility to drive forward technology in health and social care has been tasked to set out minimum mandatory digital functionality and its recommendations in the recent White Paper, Accelerating Digital Healthcare states; “It is no longer possible to deliver an acceptable standard of safe care without a basic digital record of the care an individual has received. Providers should not be registered with CQC unless they can achieve a minimum digital functionality”.

Digital technology should be a prime objective but many some have been slow on the uptake to face the challenges of new ways of working but effective investment is key. Many times, decisions to procure are weighted towards cost not value for money. Test the market place, compare systems, apply due diligence and rather than being sold a system, buy one!

In these challenging times now is the time to give thought to what is preventing you moving to digital. There can be a rational fear of change but change in whatever form is inevitable, we are all experiencing this in our everyday private and business lives in these Covid 19 times. Once you have grasped the nettle and you and your staff have seen the long-term benefits to your residents, staff, your company’s quality of care and financial health then the change will be accepted.

The ability to have both your care and business statistics collated automatically from simple and straightforward points of entry in an easy to understand format is great for you, your business, your stake holders and your regulator.

The impacts of Covid 19 are vast and change on a weekly basis. Care home residents and staff are at particularly high risk in these times and therefore we need to manage quickly changing situations to streamline the road ahead, by pushing through and implementing change management to create the smooth implementation of new technologies.

Our sector must step up to the digital revolution and embrace new technologies to enhance their care and business practices giving the ability to share information with all areas of healthcare. The long-term objective of the NHS is for us all to have a “Personal Care Record” where the citizen is the owner of the record and makes decisions as to who and where they share their information with. This will make for greater continuity of care for all. This won’t be 100% effective until everyone’s onboard as for some the decision making is slow and frustrating and its taking too long to realise the benefits, digital is not going away so embrace the change today!

Fusion are one of the only suppliers of an end to end care management system to the sector so no need to look any further for Staff Management, Resident Administration and Care Planning, one portal for one system will unleash the potential of your business by empowering your team to let them focus on what really matters, quality care.

Due to Covid 19 restrictions we are unable to visit you at the moment, but the Fusion team will provide the necessary on-line training, support and telephone assistance to ensure an easy transition into your digital future.

Martin Jones

Fusion Care Solutions Ltd


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