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Compliance Workshops – England and Wales.


Compliance – we know it’s almost as bad as Brexit!  It’s been around for so long in various Regulatory guises, you would be forgiven for thinking there’s nothing new to add.  This workshop will uncover the parts you never knew, bringing you the latest guidance and good practice from Regulators, Equality Office and CQC reports.

The workshop will be tailored on the day to meet the needs of the audience.  There are many similarities between the two Regulatory Frameworks but equally some striking differences, both of which will be covered throughout the day.

The target audience is Owners, Registered Managers, Managers, Directors, Compliance Managers, Responsible Individuals and Start Up Providers.

There is a subtle change in emphasis emanating from the gates of the Care Quality Commission. The N.H.S. have been feeling this change more than most. An example is Regulation 20 Duty of Candour.  They have ramped up the use of Fixed Penalty Notices for all types of non-compliance with this regulation, with One Trust, Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust now at £16,250.00 for thirteen separate fixed penalty notices of £1250.00. The Duty of Candour is a Regulation with financial implications for small and medium sized Providers.  We go into detail with this Regulation, which serves to be straight forward, but unless attention is paid to its requirements regarding “reasonably practicable” and “given in person” you could find yourself on the receiving end of a Fixed Penalty Notice! Earlier this year, the first Health and Social Care was served with such a notice.  For the Welsh workshop, we have aimed this at dual registered, cross county providers.  There are many similarities between the two Regulatory Frameworks, but equally some striking differences, both of which are covered throughout the day.

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