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CareZips Incontinence Dignity Trousers


Win Health Medical introduces the CareZips Incontinence Dignity Trousers, an adaptive dignity garment that changes lives of incontinent people and their carers!    

CareZips are patented everyday wear trousers that improve comfort and dignity of incontinent people.

Fitted with unique 3-zip fastening system, the CareZips make changing of personal incontinence pads, diapers and absorbent briefs faster and easier for the carers, whilst improving dignity and comfort of the patients.

CareZips Incontinence Trousers feature 3 strategically positioned zips that open the trousers from the waist to the knees for quick and easy access to the abdomen and crotch, when changing briefs and diapers, catheters, collection bags and pouches. No need to undress or pull the trousers down.

CareZips Incontinence Trousers deliver all round more pleasant experience for all. Less exposure and more dignity for the users.


Less back strain and significant timesaving for the carers.

CareZips are unisex and made in 7 sizes and 2 colours (i.e. navy and taupe granite). Wrinkle resistant with stretch for extra comfort, washable and non-iron, the CareZips are perfect for wear day after day.

CareZips are suitable for people of all ages. The smallest sizes are perfect for older children and teenagers and for the very frail elderly people.

Improve the lives of incontinent people and improve the standards of care with the CareZips Incontinence Dignity Trousers!

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