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CareZips Incontinence Dignity Trousers


CareZips are patented everyday trousers for incontinent people with compromised mobility, who require assistance with dressing and diaper changes. CareZips have been designed to improve privacy, dignity and comfort of the CareZips wearers during assisted diaper changes and to make the process of diaper changes easier and faster for the carers. However, as an innovative adaptive garment, CareZips serve well all incontinent people, regardless of their mobility status or personal dressing abilities.

Fitted with unique 3-zip fastening system, the CareZips make changing of personal incontinence products more dignified and comfortable for the wearers and simpler, easier and faster for the carers.

CareZips Incontinence Dignity Trousers feature 3 strategically positioned zips, 2 of which run from the waist to the knees on both sides of the wearer’s body and the 3rd zip from inside of one knee all the way up and down to the inside of the other knee. The 3-zip system creates easy access to the abdomen and crotch during changes of soiled briefs and diapers, catheters, collection bags and pouches. There is no need to undress the wearer or pull the trousers down before redressing with clean products.

To preserve integrity of the skin and help to prevent pressure related skin breakdowns (i.e. irritations, ulcers and sores) that commonly develop during prolonged immobility in bed, wheelchair or armchair, the long zips on the sides of the CareZips trousers are ingeniously positioned forward and away from the prone to damage vulnerable skin over prominent hip bones.

CareZips Incontinence Trousers deliver all round more pleasant experience for both the wearers and the carers. There is less embarrassing exposure and more dignity for the wearers, whilst the carers suffer less back strain and enjoy significant overall time and efforts savings.

CareZips are unisex and available in 7 sizes for good fit and 2 popular colours (i.e. navy and granite). Soft and wrinkle resistant with stretch for extra comfort, washable and non-iron, the CareZips are perfect for wearing day after day.

When worn over hip protectors designed for incontinent people (i.e. HipSaver QuickChange, HipSaver OpenBottom, HipSaver EasyFit), the CareZips improve dignity and comfort as well as help to prevent fall related hip fractures.

CareZips Incontinence Dignity Trousers improve lives of the most vulnerable people and their carers!

Supplier: Win Health Medical Ltd.

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