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CareLineLive’s travel time estimates make sure carers’ rotas allow sufficient time between visits


CLL.logo.1.0Planning a carer’s rota can sometimes be challenging, especially when you don’t know the time required to travel from one client to the next. Sometimes the time allocated to a carer is not enough which can lead to unnecessary stress and can have potential implications on client visits, for example, having to cut short visits.

As part of CareLineLive’s total home care management system, CareLineLive’s travel time estimates feature gives managers who are organising carers’ rotas an indication of the time needed to travel between visits. Using the Google Maps platform, the system gives the most accurate estimate of the journey the carer will take, and how long it will take them to do it. The mode of transport for a carer can be easily selected, allowing estimates to be calculated whether they’re driving, walking, cycling, or even taking public transport.

The feature also effortlessly reconfigures journeys when rota changes need to be made.  As well as using travel time information to plan 2020-02-04-app-screen-02a carer’s rota as efficiently as possible, visits of clients that live close to each other can also be grouped into a round.

CareLineLive offers a multitude of other features that can help improve efficiency and enable capabilities within a home care business by digitising work-flows. The cloud-based total home care management system offers easy-to-use client and carer management, digital rostering, automation of back-end admin such as invoicing and payroll, and access to family and friends.  Complete care planning tools are in development.

Working across a Management platform, a Carer Companion mobile app, and a Family & Friends Portal that all share the same data, information is easily accessible by all users. Responsive care is enabled as updates are in real-time; the eMAR solution helps carers administer medicines safely and responsibly with key information held such asCLLHeroimage dosage, route and date/time. Plus, CareLineLive’s real-time call monitoring increases carer and client safety as managers are informed of where carers are, when visits are completed and any tasks which are incomplete.

Since onboarding CareLineLive, Johanne Stanley from Hallifax Care, a home care agency based in Brighton, has seen its operational benefits “We are definitely more efficient – we are now publishing our rotas one day earlier than we used to, so CareLineLive has taken 1 days’ worth of manpower out of the rostering process per week”.

During COVID-19, CareLineLive’s Family & Friends portal has helped clients’ relatives remain informed of their loved one’s care. The travelestimates_routeportal provides access to visit details such as visit times, completion status and carers’ visit notes; as a result day-to-day client queries by telephone are reduced.

CareLineLive’s comprehensive reporting functionality enables home care agencies to be more compliant and transparent for CQC purposes.

Looking at CareLineLive’s recent system developments, it’s safe to say they are continually innovating and extending the software’s capabilities, to enable both management and staff to have ‘more time to care’.


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