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Care Vision; Outstanding care is at the heart of everything we do


“Dementia is a day-today part of the fabric of our society yet it is often ignored or misunderstood. It is a condition that affects people in very singular ways so we need to ensure that all people affected by dementia are supported with a relevant and creative approach” – Dame Evelyn Glennie

We have over 40 years of hands on experience in dementia care and we’ve used this to create care vision, a complete cloud-based care management system.

Using Care Vision can contribute both directly and indirectly to improving quality of care, saving 2-4 care hours per resident per week. This reduces demands on families and formal services, which are major contributors to the economic costs of dementia.

Care Vision – through smart devices – provides prompts and reminders to support maintenance of cognitive, social, intellectual, cultural, and physical functions as well as continued completion of daily activities.

Every aspect of Care Vision is designed so the carer/nurse recording the evidence in real time, will spend minimum time recording and maximum time engaging.

Whilst dementia can leave people feeling that they are without help, and alone; Care Vision can combat this in allowing us to spend quality time with the people we love.

Those with dementia will feel the immediate benefit in any Care Home or supported living setting. Our system offers:

  • An easy to use system for carers managers and relatives; bringing care and admin into one platform; manage time and attendance, rota , and HR
  • Our E-mar system reduces medication errors and keeps people safe.
  • In depth look at wellbeing and activities.
  • Pictorial food order system that allows the individual to choose to form a menu if they forgot what a meal looks like.
  • Daily reminders in the form of care routines which reminds staff of key aspects of care for the individual
  • Life stories / Care Plans / Likes Dislikes which allows you to customise care plans to specifically suit the person’s needs. Reminding all about one’s history and who was and is important to one’s life.
  • We have a family app that allows families to keep track of their loved one’s wellbeing through videos and pictures.

Care Vision increases the whole care experience for all users.

We always remember that everyone is an individual and dignity and independence of the service user by supporting the self-image of being a person with ability.

Help support the person in making choices that have a positive impact on his or her life.

We believe technology can play a big part in Dementia from early to the later stages of dementia when they are likely to be much more frail. Where a person in the later stages is likely to experience severe memory loss, problems with communication and daily activities, and greater changes in behaviour and physical problems. They will probably rely on others for much of their care. Care Vision has been highly beneficial to predict patterns of need and proactively identify people at risk, and harnessing data which can be shared instantly with multi-disciplinary teams, so no one is left out of the loop in supporting rapid development.

Continuing to view dementia as purely a clinical issue to be addressed with medication or direct healthcare, is no longer an option as it fails to address the majority of concerns, needs and wishes of people with dementia in their everyday lives.

Who would have thought technology – now embraced by so many in younger generations – would have applications with helping people with Dementia?

Using Care Vision in your Care settings improves the quality of care and ensures that no individual will ever be forgotten.



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