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British invention Flexyfoot introduces the stylish Cork Handle Walking Stick with enhanced functionality and comfort to its product range


Cork Perspective

The new innovative Flexyfoot cork handle walking stick features the award-winning Flexyfoot ferrule, a direct replacement

for old brass or rubber feet. The flexible foot extends the life of walking aids with its shock absorbent suspension system which provides users with reduced pain benefits and less pressure through wrists, elbows and arms. With an increased range of movement and more grip on slippery or uneven surfaces, the Flexyfoot ferrule is designed to revolutionise walking aids.

 Fitted with a beautifully stylish and infinitely comfortable cork handle, the new addition to the walking aid range has been designed to feel more like a sporty hiking pole, while retaining the robust weight bearing capability of a walking stick or walking cane.

_DSC0074 copy

 Available in either black or blue, the Flexyfoot Walking Stick has a handle with an over-moulded smooth cork

grip for coolness and comfort, and is height adjustable between 690 and 970mm to suit the taller walker too.


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