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Biometrics and Staff Accountability


The demand for efficient and reliable employees in the sector is essential for a sustainable business model and technology provides expertise to assist desired results. An excellent proven example is the  introduction of Biometrics into the care home providing the identification of people based upon their physical characteristics such as their fingerprints, here the person themselves becomes the single source of information for  time attendance within the home, and not by what he/she has to input through paper and pen data.

Specifically, this creates the expansion of the “paperless” work place. When sheets of daily time Record are provided where the employee  records for themselves the day and time they come in and out from office is seen as not reflecting the real record of his/her attendance. Biometrics dispenses with this as employees who come on shift go directly to the biometrics clocking unit and at that moment, the day and time is recorded. That data can never be changed resulting in arriving late or leaving early is recorded and dealt with accordingly.

Accountability: Using a physical characteristic rather than simply using a swipe card or PIN, ensures the employee is actually present. This avoids issues such as “buddy punching”, a term used to describe when other employees clock in and out for one another.

Efficiency: Using a biometric time and attendance software allows for increased efficiency in multiple areas. Firstly employees don’t have to worry about remembering to bring in a punch card or remembering a PIN, so there is less time spent on recovering lost passwords and manually inputting an employee’s clock-in time. Secondly when it comes to payroll, it is much easier to track in and out times by simply downloading the data from your biometric scanning device, and populating the time sheets on your time and attendance software.

Profit: A natural bi-product of increased accountability and efficiency is increased profit. By making employees more accountable to attendance times, you will increase productivity and efficiency and only pay for time actually spent working.


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