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Biometric Scanning helps Ensure Compliance with CQC Standards


Gathering staff attendance date using Biometric hand and fingerprint scanners is becoming more widely used in the management of modern care homes.

One of the biggest issues facing care homes today is maintaining adequate staffing levels to meet the needs and deliver the highest levels of quality care now demanded by the Care Quality Commission, especially at times when the workload is increased such as mornings, meal and bed times.

Providing effective care means operating a 24 hour shift system. Staff rotas are all well and good, but accurate monitoring of attendance is more difficult.  Paper-based time sheets are open to abuse, and of little value in detecting absence or lateness until after the event. Agency staff often fail to complete and submit time sheets and it’s not unknown for HR or payroll staff only to be aware of attendance details when the invoice is received

Biometric-based systems, like those supplied by Bodet, however, provide accurate, real time recording of attendance and are virtually foolproof. Staff members simply place their hand or finger onto the scanner which captures a unique print. The software then compares the print against a stored profile which identifies the employee and time stamps the record.

It’s quick and easy for staff to clock in and out, and management can see at a glance who is on site, when they arrived and when they completed their shift, and can immediately call in additional staff if needed. The system also produces tailored management reports. These provide irrefutable proof of staffing levels which may be required for Care Quality Commission audits, and also provide management teams with accurate data for improving performance management and future planning.

Swallows Meadow Court, a residential care home with Nursing in the West Midlands employing over 120 staff, recently installed an automated biometric time and attendance system. Payroll administrator Marion Vickers commented, “It took us hours every month checking for errors or exaggerated claims, correlating the times with shifts, then manually entering the data. Even then we couldn’t be certain the data was accurate. The whole clocking on and off process is now simplified and provides us with accurate and reliable staff attendance data. The time saving for everybody, especially payroll staff, is considerable.”


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