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It is a legal requirement that all premises have a full and competent Fire Risk Assessment and then implement the fire protection requirements. The ‘responsible person’ has the duty to ensure that they have carried out these obligations – but how can they be sure that they have used competent contractors?



Under legislation across the UK, it is a requirement to have an adequate and competent fire risk assessment and to ensure that fire protection meets these requirements. BAFE has developed a scheme for Companies who carry out Fire Risk Assessments (SP205) which is a vital part of meeting your obligations under fire legislation. Providers are rapidly recognising the value of this scheme and gaining certification. After a number of fatal fires, such as the one at Rosepark Care home in Scotland, there is now specific and, in Northern Ireland, mandatory requirements for fire protection in care homes across the UK.


BAFE is the independent, third party certification, registration body for the fire protection industry, founded nearly 30 years ago with a wide range of industry bodies represented on our Council. We develop schemes for UKAS accredited certification bodies to assess and approve companies to recognised standards. There are now more than 1100 BAFE registered companies across the UK. Our aim is to support property owners and specifiers to ensure that they get quality fire protection for their premises, staff and service users.


If you are specifying the supply and maintenance of portable extinguishers, look for Companies accredited to BAFE Schemes SP101/ST104. Companies are certificated to ISO9001 and all technicians are assessed by BAFE.

For installing or maintaining fire alarm systems Companies should hold BAFE modular SP203-1 scheme approval.

Our Emergency Lighting scheme (SP203-4) sets out the standards and staff competence criteria to be met.

There are a range of other schemes for different fire protection requirements.

So if you want to be sure you are getting your fire protection from companies who are properly assessed look for more information at:



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