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B-Warm heated seat covers from Homeglow can dramatically reduce energy usage in care home

Homeglow2C 14a highress to save a considerable amount of money on heating bills. Costing half a pence (or less­) an hour to run, B-Warm is a cheap alternative for providing therapeutic warmth in care homes, while being user friendly and low maintenance.

The heated seat covers provide individuals with warmth they can control themselves, allowing the background temperature to be reduced significantly while the inhabitants are kept warm and their well being uncompromised. The reduced ambient temperatures generate lower heating bills and create a better working environment for care home staff.
B-Warm creator, Martin Lewis, developed the product in a bid to help his wife keep warm and relieve symptoms of arthritis. After finding other chair warming pads to be inefficient, short-lived or extremely expensive, the B-Warm was created from technology similar to that of electric blankets while replicating the heat pattern of heated car seats. Designed to fit securely to the full length of a chair, B-Warm provides heat to the whole body and is easily adjusted by the individual user with four different control settings from 10W to 45W.
By providing individuals with their own source of heating it allows the background temperature to be reduced with no detrimental consequences for residents. For every reduction of one degree Celsius in background heating, up to 10% can be saved on heating bills therefore offering care homes the chance to save money while still delivering the same quality standard of care.
The B-Warm heated seat cover has a therapeutic quality due to the constant gentle heat from the neck to the knees that soothes aches and pains, relieving symptoms of arthritis that the cold can trigger and inflame.
User safety is paramount with automatic shut off in case of accidental damage while the individual, single button control and four-hour timer protect those who are sensitive to the cold. The low level heat ensures the system remains at a safe temperature and does not pose any harm should the heated cover be left on accidentally.
B-Warm is resistant to spillages and easily machine washable making it suitable for the care home environment as the low level maintenance ensures little time is taken up maintaining the product. The product is fully CE approved and comes with a two-year warranty, making B-Warm a sound long-term investment for care homes and care communities.
Further information on B-Warm heated seat covers is available from Homeglow on 01291 672974 or by emailing

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