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Aquarius Hygiene


Aquarius Hygiene are designers, manufacturers and retailers of a range of health, hygiene and daily living aids designed to make life easier! It’s root belief being that everyone, regardless of their state of health, recovery or age should have access to accessories and aids that improve their wellbeing and ultimately makes life easier for them.

Working with leading brands such as Drive DeVilbiss, Age UK, Travel John; Aquarius Hygiene is at the forefront of ensuring quality aids and gadgets are readily and easily accessible to all – whether it be the family, the elderly, the athlete recovering or requiring support through injury, the quintessential festival goer of the family pet, you will find an array of invaluable products available to buy through Aquarius Hygiene.

Whilst working alongside other leading brand names, Aquarius Hygiene are cutting edge designers and manufacturers of quality, daily living aids.  Recognising that a simple gadget or tool can make a massive impact and difference to improving someone’s quality of life; Aquarius Hygiene are constantly researching and keeping their eye on ideas and innovations.

Leading best sellers are the ever popular and innovative Aquarius Hygiene REFRESHER bidet; a simple low cost handheld bidet personal hygiene aid. It is ideal for use when travelling and away from home. Enabling you to enjoy a clean refreshed feeling anywhere; it is small, light, portable and discreet.

The Aquarius Hygiene SITZ BATH; a personal bidet washing bowl.  Comprising a strong, plastic bowl with a built in soap dish at the front, it is filled with warm water making it ideal for intimate washing – anytime, anywhere!  It converts most standard toilets into a bidet/wash toilet; the SITZ BATH simply sits within the toilet bowl.

The ever popular Aquarius Hygiene DONUT CUSHION (foam or inflatable versions available); a perfect example of a simple gadget making life easier!  From the sufferer with haemorrhoids and piles to the new mum, this bestselling cushion can make life so much more comfortable – bringing instant relief, this product has flown off the shelves!

Keen to ensure that the elderly and infirm can go about their daily life by making everyday tasks easier for them, Aquarius Hygiene has ensured that their product list includes a wide variety of daily living aids enabling people to carry on living in their own homes and ensuring they can get about independently and with ease.  It is this which is at the heart of Aquarius Hygiene, we all know someone who we want to make life easier for and at the end of the day, we will all be that someone at some stage!



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