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Apps platform handles digital care planning


UK care homes are very busy and keeping up can be difficult. A new kind of digital care planning creates a calmer and more efficient atmosphere by freeing up staff time for more resident care.

More time for care

Among the new generation electronic care planning solutions is Danish originate Sekoia, whose digital tool for the care sector is designed to free up time for care. The solution consists of touch screens with customised apps that provide access to all the information needed, right where it is needed. The result is enhanced care, fewer mistakes and greater job satisfaction.

Tailored to care home staff

Sekoia provides the care home professionals with an overview of their daily tasks and enables an improved day-to-day management. Recording health data, sharing information and logging observations, all happens at the touch of a button. More than 30 different apps are put together per care home requirements, to ease the workflow and ensure real person-centred care.

We can now deliver the care and spend time with the residents, which is what everyone of us goes into care for” Registered Manager, Gemma Broth (Orton Manor Nursing Home)

User-friendliness above all

Like any other longer lasting tool, Sekoia has been developed and designed to ensure that everyone can use it – without a manual and with no pre-requisite of technical know-how. Specialist implementation crew helps carers to get up and running and are always on hand to provide service and support. Sekoia users are typically up and running within short time handling everything themselves; smoothly and efficiently.

“I have seen measureable return on investment for me, I have held resident meetings, family meetings and I have seen significant changes in families and residents noticing much greater time allowed in direct contact from carers and service-users without the need for duplicating paperwork” Director, Shahzada Ahmed (Orton Manor Nursing Home)

[Facts & Figures/ Statistics]

33% less time spent on administration

Sekoia customers are making huge reductions to the time their staff spends on administrative tasks. For example, one care home has reduced its paperwork by 33%.

 50% fewer mistakes

Most care homes reduce the number of incidents/observations – by preventing loss of information at handover to colleagues and temporary staff. In many places, the reduction is more than 50%. Incidents are reported and logged in real time, date stamped and recorded.

1,2M care tasks a month

In Denmark, Holland and Sweden, Sekoia has been fully rolled out at more than 80 care homes, currently supporting no less than 1,2M care tasks a month.



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