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Appropriately selected care home furniture should promote a safe, social, homely and independent environment.


Mobility and cognitive impairments are common amongst residents in care homes, being able to maintain a level of freedom and function as independently as possible is incredibly important to maintaining a good quality of life.

As more and more people come to require the services of residential and nursing care homes, the higher customer expectations become. They are looking for a home from home environment that offers comfort and even a bit of luxury. As such a high standard of care home presentation is expected.

Care homes are being built and refurbished to be more open and welcoming. Residents are more active, the atmosphere is much more social, and more importantly there’s a huge shift away from the much-criticised institutional look.

The shift in design places furniture centre stage. Not only is the function of furniture critical but also the design becomes equally important when creating such a significant homely space.

Many new care homes focus on the social element by increasing the variation of communal and social spaces they offer. Furniture can create environments vital in avoiding instances of isolation whilst enabling residents, visitors, and care professionals to interact in an environment that is relaxing and comfortable.

Social areas such as café’s, breakout spaces, and multiple living rooms are fast becoming common features within care homes. Carefully considered furniture can really enhance these spaces by providing residents with the option to spend their time how and where they wish.

Furniture in care homes isn’t just about something sitting pretty, it has to be person centred and work within very demanding environments.

Working with Yorkare on their latest care home, Beverly Parklands, really embraced our tailored person centred approach. From classic wing back, contemporary high backs, classic low backs and reclining chairs, our comprehensive range of ergonomically designed seating specifically focused on postural support and ease of manoeuvrability for both residents and carers.

Likewise the unique designs and upholstery choices were specially chosen to bring a sense of homeliness to the care home but, with their unique styling, provide landmark recognition enabling freedom of movement by reducing confusion with clearly defined areas.

Martyn Higgins, managing director at Shackletons says: “We’ve been making furniture for over 50 years and during that time one thing remains, to create comfort in peoples’ lives by manufacturing the highest quality furniture possible; we believe that is part of creating a successful care home.”

Shackletons have been in the business of creating comfort for over 50 years and are the UK’s leading design and manufacturer of specialist contract furniture for the healthcare sector.

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Contemporary colours and fabrics match perfectly with the variation of classic and contemporary styles designed and manufactured by Shackletons and purchased by Yorkare.*

 Carefully considered furniture can make a success of many care home environments for both residents and carers.*

*Chairs illustrated are not photographed in situ at the Beverly Parklands Care Home. 



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