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Addressing the Current and Future Challenges of Care Management


Paul Barry, CEO, everyLIFE Technologies

The Need for Up-To-Date Care Plans
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Having previously run six homecare agencies I was tired of Care Workers not having up- to-date care plans, and not being given the relevant information when they need it. The care plans are often out of date. It’s difficult in a 30-minute call to have time to read a care file and work out what is relevant for that particular visit.

As all of this process is manual, the results cannot be communicated effectively with all the critical people involved in care – the care office, the families, pharmacies, community nurses, GPs and social workers. Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 19.07.29


The PASSsystem

We developed The PASSsystem to meet the critical challenges in the industry. The PASSsystem gets the right information to the right staff and then provides the office and other interested stakeholders with the results of care.

The success stories are numerous. We have many testimonials outlining our customers’ experience and the benefits gained from IMG_4499implementing The PASSsystem.

The PASSsystem is entirely unique in providing a comprehensive care plan to improve care, reduce risk, increase efficiency and differentiate your service.

It digitizes all care planning, care notes and medication documents. It provides relevant care plan information to the staff when they need it. It can provide real-time feedback of care notes to the care office and management, families, health and social care professionals and we are exploring links to pharmaceutical dispensaries. It alerts when critical aspects of care are not completed and supports a work flow to resolve.

We are now starting to link with hospital discharge teams, have discussions with NHS trusts and have substantial interest in openPASS – our view of The PASSsystem system platform that links families and other healthcare professionals to the care.

We are proud to have unparrelled industry support with many inspectors from the Care Inspectorate and CQC noting that utilising The IMG_4511PASSsystem gives greater quality assurance and is the difference between delivering good and outstanding care. The PASSsystem is NICE compliant and has been cited by the NHS as a leader of positive change in care.

We believe The PASSsystem is addressing the current and future challenges of care management. The PASSsystem is the leading care planning, medication and notes system in the UK working in both residential and homecare settings and we will continue to expand our system to address the need of all care stakeholders and the care industries.


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