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Active Minds


Since 2010 Active Minds has been researching, designing and developing activity products to assist people with dementia in leading


active, engaging and fulfilling lives.

As dementia progresses it can become increasingly hard for people living with it to participate in games and reminiscence activities that are crucial to maintaining their quality of life. Spotting a gap in their product list, dementia activity specialists Active Minds decided to create Scentscape, a unique multi-sensory reminiscence activity designed especially for people with in the mid-to-late point of their dementia journey.

Scentscape is a comprehensive series of kits incorporating themed sounds and smells designed to spark conversation, encourage relaxation and evoke pleasant memories. Sessions have taken place in care homes across the UK that have already found the activity to be extremely effective at encouraging both reminiscence and relaxation.

Since launching, a number of care homes have given Scentscape some great feedback. Leigh Leggat, activities coordinator at Greensleeves Trust said a lady living with dementia that has used Scentscape, told her son that ‘she had been out in the car, to a garage and polished a car.’ Now that was all done in this room, and to her she had actually done that.


Leigh also adds, ‘As soon as I had understood the reasoning behind the idea, it clicked. I think it’s a fantastic idea and I think it will give a lot of pleasure to a lot of people’.


Scentscape is currently available in two themes, ‘at Home’ and ‘in the Garden’ with ‘in the Tool-shed’, ‘at the Seaside’ and ‘Trains’ due to be launched shortly.

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