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PredicAire launched in the care home market in 2021 and is the brainchild of Ketan Shah and Vinay Patel, who came up with the ideaPredicAIre-Final-Logo for a holistic care management software product whilst incurring mutual frustration with existing software solutions - Vinay as a care provider and Ketan as a legal guardian of a care user.

An ageing population and funding challenges have placed providers under pressure to deliver the required care to residents. Enforced seismic changes in the sector including the new CQC strategy launched in May 2021 and the rising cost of care delivery, are forcing providers to embrace Technology Enabled Care (TEC). But the existing TEC market is highly fragmented, providing partial solutions which leave providers with no option but to prioritise the purchase of only key affordable modules. Often these are care planning and rostering, with perhaps a separate accounting and invoicing software solution. Because these modules do not encompass every function of a care home, staff spend a great deal of time re-entering information manually – leaving the possibility of human error.

The PredicAire founding team also have many years’ experience working in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and as a result PredicAire was formed and developed. PredicAire is an end-to-end CMS solution which re-imagines proactive delivery of care, and is the first software to effectively use AI to assist in care delivery.

The onset of the Pandemic in early 2020 became an opportunity for PredicAire’s development team, who could see that there was going to be a growing need for communication and record sharing with health professionals and families to be done remotely. PredicAire was launched in early 2021 and is currently installed in two care homes, with users recording an average of ​1,500 resident observations daily.

PredicAire’s modules encompass every aspect of a care home:

 Care PlanningPredicAire - Our Offering 1

A person-centred fully digitised end-to-end process, meaning that staff spend less time on administration and more with residents.

Flo – The Digital Nurse

This pioneering AI portal offers intuitive person-centred care to residents, detecting anomalies and enabling swift, proactive preventative action.

Quality Assurance

A care home will always be inspection-ready and compliant to key regulated Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE).


Fully integrated and digitised planned preventative maintenance, ensuring emergency call-out fees are a thing of the past.


Fully digitised proactive person-centred menu planning, promoting better nutrition and resident wellbeing.

Staff & Rota

Seamless provision of integrated digital records, rostering, timesheets, training manuals and more.

Family Gateway

Better connectivity, allowing family and friends to be actively involved in their loved one’s care despite being remote.


This module will help activities co-ordinators to plan person-centred and whole-home activities, with a facility to upload notes and pictures too.


Keep your CFO happy by seamlessly integrating invoices, residents’ money and payroll systems.

NHS Connect

Seamless integration with NHS systems, ensuring proactive person centred delivery of care between the NHS and social care.

The Future 

PredicAire will continuously evolve nationally and internationally, as well as enter adjacent complimentary sectors such as Home Care in the future.

The founders are keen to play an active role in innovating the future of care. Alongside launching PredicAire they are collaborating with a number of Universities on research projects, taking part in contributing to the development of the sector, with their insights published on respected media such as TechUK, and participations in HealthTech thought leadership discussions such as NHSx, Social Care Innovators Group and invitation-only social media platforms.

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