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A unique solution for decorating Care and Residential Homes


While it may not be a unique challenge decorating a care home or residential home, there are certainly considerations that are

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important and potential problems that are exaggerated in these environments. Safety, health issues, disruption, durability and cost efficiency might all be issues in any decorating project for a large building. However, when you are dealing with occupants who may be very sensitive to smells, fumes and disruption and surfaces that need to be protected from everyday bumps and scrapes and possibly regular accidents, by the occupants themselves, you need products that were created from the outset for this type of application.

Jotun is a Paint company from Norway who produce paints and coatings for harsh environments including oil rigs, ships, wind turbines and iconic buildings around the World including the Eiffel Tower in Paris and, the tallest building in the World, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Jotun also produce a range of decorative paints that are as well known in Scandinavia as Dulux and Crown but are relatively unknown here in the UK. Their external decorative paints are created to withstand the harsh European winters while their internal paints are easy to apply tough and the meet all the exacting standards demanded by the Swan and Euroflower eco labels. SENS Allergy Free paint is the only paint accredited by the Norwegian Asthma and Allergies Association.

The key challenge when refurbishing the head offices of the Lochfield Park Housing Association in Glasgow, Scotland was to do so without disrupting the daily routine and avoid shutting down the property at the same time. Maintenance manager, Allan Doherty was aware of the environmental friendly properties of the SENS range. “What was so appealing to me was the fact that SENS is water-based and has no odour, plus the lowest rate of VOC emissions than any other comparable paint on the market. There were no fumes, no disruption and the quality of the paint is apparent to everyone who visits and works here”.

St Mellion is a modern resort with a unique blend of contemporary style and exceptional facilities that include sporting, relaxation and dining. Steve Moss, Facilities Manager for the commercially busy resort was looking for an interior paint that was quick dryin

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g and has no odour to avoid any disruption. ”A key feature of this product is the touch drying time of less than half an hour and the absence of odour means you can occupy the room within an hour of it being decorated” he said. Mr John, the onsite painter for St Mellion said “Excellent coverage, no smell and ease of use are my top reasons for using SENS. We now exclusively use this product in the rooms and the high traffic public areas as it can be wiped clean without losing the attractive wall finish”

The Use of SENS means a room can be safely occupied the same day after painting and its fast-drying properties allow two coats to

be applied in quick succession disruption to a minimum.

A West of Scotland Housing Association owning more than 3000 properties has been using Jotun products for more than 8 years. Due to the detrimental effect of weathering the association used Demidekk Ultimate to successfully increase the maintenance cycle of the project. “It is essential to have products that will provide protection to last the duration of our 5 year cyclical maintenance programme. Since using Demidekk it has not only provided 5 years but we have managed to extend our painting programme” says Mr Gordon Davis, Senior Technical Officer.

The complete range of Jotun decorative product is available from SML Paints and Coatings. Based near Cirencester in Gloucestershire, SML can help with any technical queries, provide job specifications and mail any quantity of paint to most of the UK next day delivery. They have a comprehensive website with colour charts and trade prices. Malcolm Johnston, Owner says  ”We are very excited about the Jotun decorative range, they are the perfect products for Care Home and Residential Homes as they tick all the required boxes for these applications. We are selling SENS to expectant mothers wanting a safe paint for a nursery and restaurants and hotels who want to get back to serving guests and customers as quickly as possible after a refurbishment” He went on to say “It is a shame Jotun do not advertise more in the UK, their products are some of the best in the World but hardly anybody in the UK, South of Edinburgh anyway, has heard of them”  Their external products such as Mur, Demidekk and  Butinox  paints and varnishes are very well respected and popular in Scotland where more severe weather conditions demand the best. What

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businesses are not picking up on is that using these product in the milder climates of England and Wales means they last a lot longer and with a large part of the cost of redecorating being labour, scaffolding and closure of the business while work is being done that has to be a major consideration”

Contact SML Decorative Paints on 01285 862132 or visit their website at or use this QR code with your smartphone IPad or tablet.


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