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A new approach to fire safety training


It’s a common story. Annual fire safety training is a legal box that must be ticked, but staff members dread it, and just about manage to stay 


Jason Sugden, founder of Benfield Fire

awake until the fire extinguisher demonstration.

 “Great training saves lives, strengthens teams and builds morale” says Jason Sugden, founder of Benfield Fire. “There’s no excuse for it to be boring.”  Jason is on a mission to improve fire safety after a 20 year career as a Fire Station Manager. His training uses role-play, just like they do in the military and emergency services.

 “Realistic training is especially important for care homes and hospitals. Fires are rare, but they can be catastrophic because patients and residents can’t self-evacuate. Managers can’t run evacuation drills, so without the right training, a real fire could be the first time staff members have to act. To me, that’s a scary prospect and an unacceptable risk.”



A simulated fire evacuation at Whiteoaks Rest Home. Staff successfully control the fire and get the ‘resident’ to safety

During training, Jason and his team create a ‘fire emergency’ to which your staff must respond. They use a state-of-the-art digital fire simulator, weighted mannequin and smoke machine or goggles so that the ‘fire’ happens where it might really occur – in a bedroom or ward. The training not only meets legal requirements, but empowers team members to act with confidence should a fire break out.

 “We started with Benfield Fire earlier this year. The staff said the training is really good 


Just-trained Fire Wardens from Abbey House Nursing Home

– it’s interesting, relevant and there are lots of things to keep them alert and interested.”

Feedback from Healthfield Care Homes Ltd.

 Training courses on offer include:

  • Fire Safety Awareness
  • Fire warden training
  • Fire Manager training
  • Evacuation chairs
  • Manual handling
  • Health and safety for managers
  • Fire evacuation drills

Benfield Fire is currently operating in Hampshire, London and the South East, but is looking to expand. Call Jason for a no obligation chat about your fire safety needs.

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