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Domiciliary care made simple with software


Domiciliary care management can be tedious, with a lot of admin time and paperwork getting in the way of providing outstanding care. NurseBuddy-logo-and-slogan-RGB1Ensuring that the right care workers go to the right clients, having to deal with timesheets, invoicing, monitoring, and inspections; there’s a lot to manage…

Thankfully, technology can help. Putting a software in place helps managers organise their care company, helps coordinators match up the right people, and can help care workers know more about their client’s needs. The right software can make lives easier for everyone involved.

As an owner or manager, there is a lot to consider for domiciliary care software. You need a good system to manage the rotas, to manage call monitoring, and to give you good data to know where to make improvements in the business. With a software system, your time can be better utilised growing your business, and real-time reports of business performance can help make the right decisions. You’ll know exactly when to hire new staff or seek out new clients. Having a reliable system in place that manages all your day to day activities saves time and money. A transparent system that connects all parties involved in care together helps raise care standards and get better inspection results.

“Having NurseBuddy for the rotas reduces the amount of employees needed in the office and increases productivity”. Reducing paperwork and admin meant finding a technical solution was a priority as soon as they were operating for Billy Chinaka’s, Peartree1’s Managing Director.

A coordinator benefits from a good software system by saving time in a number of ways. An intuitive, automated scheduling system can instantly create rotas, take care of care plans, manage compliances, and will let coordinators put time aside to manage the staff. Using the right software, rotas can be communicated in real-time, and sent out to care worker’s smartphones without ever having to print anything or call anyone. Call Monitoring is another important aspect for maintaining care standards, so you know the right person is in the right place, at the right time. Software ensures there are no more missed visits.

Care workers are the heart of domiciliary care. Their services are crucial to any care company’s success, and by putting a care software system in place, you give care workers the means to provide the best standard of care possible. They are instantly informed of their duties, about their clients, and have all the tools necessary to report on their care activities. This, coupled with seamless communication to the admin staff, helps raise your standard of care, and secure better inspection ratings. “The app has been welcomed by carers who find the GPS functionality easy to use compared to other check in systems, the user friendly interface means carers and managers alike have picked up the system quickly and integrated it into their daily routines.” - Wendy Stocks, Founder of TES Homecare Ltd

Don’t forget that family members often want updates on their loved one’s care. NurseBuddy were the first care software company to introduce a ‘family portal’ to the UK market, giving a nominated individual access to some information about their loved one’s care and progress. This transparency and connectivity helps improve standards of care, gets everyone involved and communicating, and cuts down on administration time of phone calls from family members just looking for an update.

Manage all your scheduling and rostering, electronic call monitoring, digital care plans, mileage, invoicing and payroll, family portal and much more. We make managing your care company easy, with simple yet powerful functionality that helps you manage the care process from beginning to end. Pricing starts from just £69 per month for unlimited users, and includes all training, support, and 30 days risk-free to try out our software. Talk to us today about how NurseBuddy can transform the efficiency of your domiciliary care business.

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