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3 Questions You Should Ask to Safeguard Your Care Quality Reputation


Imagine opening that letter and seeing the words “outstanding” – wouldn’t it feel great?  Imagine how the team would feel, all of you being recognised for the hard work that you put in, not just on the day of the inspection, but for all of your working days.

Then there is the positive impact on your care quality reputation that is priceless. However, as experienced care providers you know that the important part actually isn’t the rating, no, it is the recognition of the outstanding quality you provide to individuals. It is this quality which will grow your reputation.

So let me share a truth about outstanding care providers.

They embrace the quality framework not because it is regulation BUT because it is a great framework for safeguarding a business reputation.

They understand the damage a bad reputation can create; they have seen the closures and the shock on the owners faces when it happens. They are not frightened of a CQC inspection, they look forward to receiving their feedback to reinforce their belief in the service. They invest in their people and systems because they want to be outstanding – not just receive the ‘outstanding rating’.

Here are 3 care quality truths that every outstanding care provider recognises and the questions they ask themselves daily:

  • Reputation is the biggest risk to your care business. Do you know the level of risk your business is carrying at the moment?
  • Reputation is what people say when they leave your ear shot and that’s what is hard, as you are not party to it. Do you know what people are saying away from your ears?
  • Reputation is a business asset that can depreciate quickly if not maintained. Have you got a maintenance programme?

After 20 years in the care sector, we understand that no one actively seeks to develop a bad reputation. It sneaks up on you when you are focusing on other aspects of the business.

At Care Improvement Associates we work with care providers to safeguard their reputation. We know how hard you have worked to get the care business off the ground and running well. We know the long days, the heartache and the worry. That is why as Quality Professionals, we don’t focus on the ratings and quality compliance but on creating a culture in where “being outstanding” is the norm.

If you want a “be outstanding” culture then we have created 3 core safeguarding reputation programmes for you.

  1. A reputational risk evaluation. Care providers have so much to do, this report allows you to focus on the key areas which you need to address.
  2. A pre inspection check to ensure there are no issues which will surprise you.
  3. An ongoing maintenance programme to protect your reputation.

We know the care sector can be both rewarding and hard work so we have also founded a unique National Care Quality Professionals Membership organisation.

It is free to join and allows you to connect with like minded members, to share care quality news, innovation, events information and outstanding practice. (

We want to help care for the care quality professionals themselves – Why? Because we are care quality professionals too.

Don’t risk your reputation, ring 01964 769268 or email and quote “Be Outstanding” for a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation.

Samuel Barrington

Care Improvement Associates Ltd


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