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What do I mean by Holistic Care


Another week in a care home setting keeps bringing me back to my Passion and Purpose for starting on the idea of Soul Clinic.

It was in the night of a long 36 hours in 2018, whilst looking out at the stars and dark blue sky, on shift at a care home, that it came to my Knowing.

There has to be another way to bring holistic care into these environments. What do I mean by Holistic Care, and how could we incorporate it into the Care environment, whether at a person’s Individual Home, in to a Community Care Home or Hospital Setting.

One of the phases that most families or individuals experience, following a trauma, diagnosis, or change of living circumstances through deteriorating health, is chaos.

Supporting and advocating for that Individual, their family or loved ones, and the changes they are witnessing, as well as allowing them to be enabled to make decisions on where, how and who will be involved in their lives and care, requires, dedication, commitment and listening skills. Questions may need to be answered to support these decisions, in a timely and appropriate manner.

Often staff who are caring for these individuals and their families, become the advocate, the hand holder, the listener, the supporter, and may need their own peer support. To feel listened to and understood, whilst holding up for the people they are caring for.

I have written a training programme that would incorporate Vigiling, gentle massage, healing,supporting families, peers and the Individual , in line with NHS Ambitions, palliative care Gold standards, and incorporating Dignity in Care, in respect to a person’s Journey at the various stages of the End of their Life.

Please see my website For further information on this training.


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