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Three Activity Trips for Disabled People


Going on a trip that’s packed with physical activity can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling challenges ruralblog_2329-1you can take on, but what kind of activity trips are there out there for the population with disabilities? 


Rowing is a hugely enjoyable activity, whether it’s done competitively or as a hobby.

Rowing is one such activity that is consistently popular with activity holiday goers. For a disabled rower, adaptive boats which have high backed seats fixed in position in the boat, meaning they support both the upper and lower back.


Climbing can be one of the most enthralling and adrenaline-pumping activities around. You may think that if you have a disability then such an activity is an impossibility, but in actual fact there are innovative ways to get involved.

Assisted climbing is ideal for the climber who has limited strength or weak joints. For this, special harnesses are available that provide extra support and mean you can take a break should you need it.

There are also climbing centres that provide wheelchair climbing services, where a special pulley is in place that enables the climber to stay sat in their chair as they use their own strength to pull themselves up.


With the well-known health and fitness benefits, as well as its benefits for a healthy environment, cycling is a perennially popular activity. Being disabled shouldn’t stop a cyclist from taking up their hobby, and as such there are numerous options available to suit a range of disabilities, including learning difficulties and people with limited strength.

Such modifications and adaptions include bikes with stabilisers, tricycles that can have a recumbent seat, and hand bikes. Tandems also provide support for blind or visually impaired riders, but this requires a front rider with good vision and mobility.


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