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Theraposture to launch latest edition to its leading rotating bed range at OT Show – Rotoflex 235 Plus


Theraposture, the market leader with the widest range of rotating beds, will be unveiling its latest addition to the Rotoflex range at the Occupational Therapy Show – the Rotoflex 235 Plus (Stand B48, NEC, 21-22 November).


With over three decades of expertise, Theraposture is the considered choice for OTs seeking quality, reliable and proven rotational bed systems. Often copied but never equaled, the patented Rotoflex from Theraposture is the market leading and trusted powered turning bed that moves a user from a recumbent to fully upright seated position. It is the only rotational bed that is available with a powered rising heel support and includes a multitude of unique patented features through a detailed design refined over 20 years.

The Rotoflex has been proven to typically save up to £27,500 in annual care costs when two carers are reduced to none. On this basis the Rotoflex will pay for itself after 4 months and then saves money thereafter. The Rotoflex can reduce assistance from others thus allowing users to get into and out of bed on their own terms. The independence enabling Rotoflex is often used by those with progressive neurological conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s and can be an alternative option to hoisting.

The latest addition to the extensive Rotoflex range (the Rotoflex 235 Plus) offers great value as it includes the patented rising heel section as standard (an option on other Rotoflex beds). This version is ideally suited to users weighing up to 31 stones and is only available as a bed for one.

Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director explains: “Our new Rotoflex 235 Plus rotating bed system has been developed to accommodate those who only need a 90cm wide bed for one person, in a standard wood veneer finish. It is referred to as a “Plus” because it comes with a patented powered rising heel support and has a safe working load of up 235kg. Through highly considered design and ergonomics, this streamlined bed provides an appropriate solution for more users without complex adjustment and bespoke features. It is the culmination of two decades of expertise and understanding that is focused on delivering user independence and significant care cost savings. As with all Rotoflex beds, the new Rotoflex 235 Plus can pay for itself in months when compared to the high cost of carer assistance – reducing budget pressures on statutory services and private purchasers.”

Liam continues: “With the introduction of this new bed it is important to once again highlight the key differences our Rotoflex range provides compared to the many copies. Manufactured with high grade materials, electronics and mechanisms, the lifting frame is extremely stable and will not tip over. It includes vertical lift in the seated position which is critical for safe sit-to-stand transfers, especially for users with neurological conditions and resultant unpredictable leg strength / balance issues. It will not tip you forward like other products which can cause the potential for a fall. The powered rising heel support means that the entire length of the leg can be fully supported when elevated in bed which offers many health benefits – this is only available with the Theraposture Rotoflex. The new unique mattress retainer system ensures consistent and anti-sheer movement and the modular seat depth provides optimum postural support. No other rotating bed range delivers the care excellence our Rotoflex is proven to provide – Theraposture and the Rotoflex are the only considered choice.”


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