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The Technology Making Entertainment Accessible


More and more technological advancements are being made that are changing the lives of people with disabilities, whether it’s to ruralblog_2322assist them with every day but essential tasks or to provide entertainment. Below is just three of the innovations that give the population with a disability the chance to enjoy the sources of entertainment that we take for granted.

Eye Play the Piano

Created by the Japanese VR headset manufacturer Fove, Eye Play the Piano is an extraordinarily innovative source of entertainment and expression. In collaboration with the University of Tsukuba, they have developed a system that tracks eye movement in virtual reality to turn blinks into real-life piano playing.

Targeted at children with disabilities, Fove describe the product as the ‘universal piano.’ The company are hoping to donate the system to a number of schools for the physically disabled.


[img src: FOVE]


Braille EDGE 40

The Braille EDGE 40 reads content on a computer screen and converts it to braille characters. This particular model also helps you manage your daily activities with its built-in applications such as Notepad, Scheduler, Alarm, Clock and Calculator, which can be used without connection to a PC or smart phone.

[img src: HIMS]


Designed for people with limited mobility, The EyeMax by DynaVox uses eye-tracking technology for computing, watching television, reading books and speaking.

The device’s camera tracks its user’s eye movements, allowing him or her to use the system simply by blinking or gazing.

[img src: DynaVox]


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