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The Resident florists of Mornington Hall care home


Stop and smell the roses – an infamous quote everyone has been using a HC-One’s London care home, Mornington Hall, this week as they celebrated Flower Day 2021.

Gathering all their flower arranging skills, Residents gossiped and sipped beverages whilst demonstrating the art of flower arrangements. From lengths, colours, textures and all things floristry, Residents produced some very impressive vases of flowers.

Wellbeing Coordinators, Lindy and Indu, as well as Joan L, Joan H, Maureen, Rosemarie and Iqbalmossa, who all live at MorningtonIMG_2530 Hall, thoroughly enjoyed the day arranging.

Rosemarie remarked, “A little taste of summer,” whilst smelling the flowers.

One Resident acknowledged the current pandemic, stating, “Let’s put them at reception so our visitors can see them,” so that’s exactly where they were displayed.

In particular, it is the sensory aspect of activities like this that make them so successful at the home, seeing, smelling touching the flowers whilst making the floral arrangements.

“Thorny little devil,” Maureen had joked as she inspected the roses.

Manager Pervine King said, “I love flowers and these really do put a smile on everyone’s face when arriving at reception. Beautiful.  On the same day we celebrated popcorn day, indulging in flavoured popcorn whilst completing the flower arrangements.”


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