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The PASSsystem in a Residential Environment


Focus on Shangri-La Residential Care Home

We spoke to Paula Key, Care Home Manager, and Samantha Squibb, her Deputy Manager, about their experience of buying and implementing The PASSsystem into Shangri-La

SHANGRI-LA (Lee on the Solent) is a residential care home on the south coast of England, Hampshire with a lively, pleasant atmosphere.

Care Workers – 18 + 5 domestic staff

Service Users – 26

Office Staff – 2

Care Delivered – 24 hour

Type of care – Residential Full Service


Why did you prefer The PASSsystem to other systems?

Paula Key, Care Home Manager: I looked at two other systems but I didn’t think they were suitable for us. It was the functionality that appealed to us. It’s easy to work with. It’s customizable so we could set up what we want to work with, tasks etc. The other systems were just a list of tick boxes. The PASSsystem allows you to make the tasks much more person-centred, which is just what we need for this kind of environment.



Paula: PASSsystem has really helped with staff confidence, with spelling and so on. The PASSystem has been brilliant for that. Some people have really struggled with spelling but it’s not a problem now. We also find that the system helps reduce day to day risk in the business because it reduces errors caused by poor spelling.

Samantha Squibb, Care Home Deputy Manager:  Everyone’s handwriting is different, so sometimes I couldn’t even read notes but with The PASSsystem whatever’s written I can read.


Can you describe the main efficiencies that you have gained through using The PASSsystem? How would you sum up the benefits of The PASSsystem? And what is the best thing about The PASSsystem?

Paula: For the carers it’s definitely time. For myself and Sam I feel it’s the alerts – when something has happened we’re able to monitor better. Instead of having to get out everyone’s files, everything is at your fingertips and very accessible. And if something is a high risk or a medium risk you can set up the system so they come up as an alert if we’ve missed it. This is perfect because sometimes you’re so busy you don’t focus, and the alert reminds you to focus that extra bit on that person. Then because we’ve got an extra prompt, we can’t go wrong. It’s a kind of safety valve which gives you peace of mind.

Samantha: And accuracy. This is one of the main reasons why we went for The PASSsystem. Sometimes the simple things don’t get recorded – like just saying that a resident’s mobility is good every day – because carers know it’s normal so they don’t bother recording it. But from the CQC’s point of view, if their mobility goes drastically downhill, they’re going to ask to see the evidence that it was good to begin with. Sometimes you just don’t have this recorded. Now, the constant prompts from The PASSsystem mean that the carers put in all the vital information every time.

Paula: The PASSsystem also helps when you have respite cases. Because the resident is already in the system, when they come back from respite you can change their status and reactivate them, as opposed to going through the filing and not being able to find their records. With PASSsystem you can just search them and their records come up.

Samantha: The ‘reviews’ functionality of PASSystem also saves us lots of time every month and it alerts you too if the review has been missed.

Are you making any savings on printing?

Paula: Definitely. We hardly use any paper now. Before we were literally having to order paper every week. You can add to that big savings on printer ink which is very expensive.


Paula: With the extra time that has been freed up by using PASSsystem we spend more time with the residents. We get to do a lot more things with them like taking them out more, longer activities and involving them more with everything we do.

How have your residents taken to having digital devices around them associated with their care?

Samantha: At first they’re a bit baffled, especially with the digital signatures, but we use styluses for now and they’ve taken to it well, as have the family members. The families love that it’s quick and easy to access so we can spend less time doing paperwork and more time with their relatives. We are introducing openPASS in the home so families can see what we are doing. Of course it will be up to individual families to see if they want to get involved.


Do you think showing The PASSsystem to families of potential residents has made the difference in persuading the individual to come to your home?

Paula: Definitely. Only recently we had someone whose family loved the idea that they would be able to view their mother’s care plan. That has made them come to us and it’s helped us keep our home full.

How do you tell residents’ families about The PASSsystem?

Paula: Usually in resident and family meetings. Also, when we go out to do an assessment before someone comes into our home, we show the family that this is how we do our care plans.


How was your CQC inspection?

Paula: It was okay. Our inspector is not computer-literate and she had a very short time to look at everything. So when I said it would take me ages to print everything off in the old-fashioned way she quickly got used to having everything on screen. When we’ve had CPN and social workers asking for care plans we’ve just given them the computer and said it’s all here. They really like it.

Samantha: We really like all the updated documents that are already on the system. They are the latest versions and give you peace of mind that you are using the best ones available to you. Great for compliance and inspections.


Would you recommend The PASSsystem to other businesses?

Paula: Oh yes, absolutely!

Samantha: We’ve already recommended it to another home in our group!


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